Before You Get Rid Of Your 3DS, Delete Your Pics

Earlier this week, I brought you the story of a good friend who gave me his original Xbox without wiping its contents. From the data, I was able to piece together a sentimental portrait of my friend as he and his wife started their new lives together.

If there was an irony there, it's that only in my hands could such information become personally revealing. A stranger buying it off Craigslist or inheriting the data as a used GameStop purchase would not understand the significance behind of any of the game saves.

However, it doesn't take a New Yorker profile writer to understand the significance of a picture of someone taking a ripping bong hit, left on a used 3DS. This chuckle-worthy tale from the UK should reinforce the modern necessity of wiping all gaming devices of their data before you give them up for sale. And if you buy a used device from a retail outlet and come across this sort of thing, definitely complain about it. It's supposedly store policy to wipe the devices and if they don't, they'll usually give you store credit or a partial refund.

Always Clear Your Data! [Gaming Unity]


    I used to work for a computer store next door near a Cash Converters a few years back. After a few close calls with upset customers returning computers/mobile phones with all sorts of questionable material on them from the previous owner, they enlisted us to clear out each and every computer that went through the place. Made us a lot of extra money.

    You'd be shocked to see what people leave on their devices. Home movies, porn, sometimes some particularly weird shit. Even got someone busted for child pornography too.

      They left Home Movies on there?!!!

      Fucking Whack jobs, I think I'm gonna be sick...

        Home sex videos. I figured the porn following it would give it away. ?

    I say it was deliberately left there, because it'll blow peoples' MINDS

    I remember buying a used PSP a few years ago and the memory stick had pics of naked old women. I immidiately formatted the PSP after that.

    i'll have to remeber that because my 3ds is filled with lolicon hentei...

    Haha! I must admit I never wipe the data wen geyting rid of a console. My fav would have to be on my old wii I was trading in. I had a photo of a friend playing the wii, I cut/copied the pic of his hand with the remote. Then placed it so it looked like some random hand was shoving it up his butt off screen! Lol I have issues....

    I remember the days of renting games when games came on cartridges. When you hired something like Zelda you'd never know if it was gonna have a save on it from someone at the end of the game or a save named something obscene. Funny stuff.

      Gave me nightmares when I was about 10 or so hiring out Zelda on the snes on the weekends and hoping that no one had hired out the game during the week and overwritten my save game.

    what a weird room he is sitting in, is it a bathroom with sink and mirror in background, but then why is he sitting in a comfy looking longe chair i could understand it more if it was a beanbag

      Maybe it is some kid that shouldn't be doing it in the first place :P
      So he does it in the laundry/bathroom and cause his a stoner.. he wants a comfy chair :P

    I'm not going to lie to you, whenever i sold a computer or a console to a friend i would make the backround a penis. Don't judge me, i cant help how funny a penis can be.

    Woo hits from the bong.

    I bought a PS3 a year or so ago and It had pictures of its previous owner flexing his muscles topless left there... Awkward.

      got my friends sisters old phone. memory card was wiped clean but the internal memory had weird posed mirror photos showing off tattoos i never knew she had.

    hahaha female body inspector.

    Delete your pics when you pass your 3DS right along, after hits from the bong...

    I sold an old hard drive on ebay a few months back. I filled it with all the wikileaks cables hoping someone will think it's all classified data.

    Reminds me back when I was a Uni student working at EB Games.

    There was the usual "trade your Xbox with a million games for a 360" deal happening and when this guy came around to trade his Xbox and games in a large Myer bag, I was taking all the games out one-by-one, scanning them into the system for the trade.

    So I'm scanning Fable, Halo, Munch's Odyssey etc when the next case I take out was one of his porn DVDs. Being embarrassed for him I quickly slid the case back to him on the counter out of view from everyone else saying "I don't think we can trade this one in", The guy got so red in the face, I felt so embarrassed moreso for him than myself.

    Good days, good days...

    A friend of mine bought a video camera from a police auction and plugged it in to discover video of some old japanese man having it off with two prostitutes. Goes to show how rarely people consider this problem, you'd think at least the cops would wipe/throw away the tapes.

    Mostly on topic - A friend and I cleaned up one of his rental properties after they did a runner (stealing all the copper piping from the house. quality.) and we found a [stolen] video camera, a notepad and some photos in the space under a drawer when you take the bottom one out. Weird shit doesn't come close. It started with the original owners of the video camera opening christmas presents, cut to the former tenant showing is pre-teen how to grind the VIN of a car, then cuts to them shooting up on a matress in the lounge room, followed by the guy, his wife and a female friend discussing how they were going to whore them both out. Their business plan was on the notepad. Nasty

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