Chinese Phone Game Throws Red Shell At Mario Kart


    That ice stage is a dead look alike for the 64 version.

    I actually recognise most of these tracks, they're pretty much all minor reskins from several different Mario Kart games.

    Isn't Mario Kart (insert version number here) just a reskin of itself to the nth degree?

      They make more changes than Cod/Ass Creed/Halo/Gran Turismo/etc etc etc etc etc.
      Why is okay for non-nintendo companies to release the same product but not Nintendo (when they usually change more than all these other franchises). Never understood that.

        Because it's their product and they can re-release it if they want.

    let us know when it's available on the app store :D i dont particularly care if its a complete rip-off since nintendo will never release anything on iOS

    Problem SOPA?

    Shall Mario Kart return fire with a Spiny Shell and/or Lightning Bolt?

    Many of those tracks are from Mario kart 64

    I don't understand how the developers of these sorts of knock-off games think they'll get away with blatantly stealing another game and not trying to pass it off as their own.

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