First Steam Sales -- Now This? Bye Bye Money...

Greenman Gaming is a UK-based digital store that sells PC games. No big deal. The fact that they're currently running a massive sale featuring Batman: Arkham City for under $25, Saints Row 3 for $33.49 and Dead Island for $19.49? That's a bit more important.

I have to give thanks to VG247 for the heads up. I wasn't even really aware of Greenman Gaming until just now. There are some genuinely good deals on big AAA releases here. I'll be right back, I'm off to pick up the wallet I just threw at my monitor.

Good luck folks.

Green Man Games January sale offers up to 75% off [VG247]


    Nice. I'm still wary of other digital sites, I already have 250 games in my steam account (it counts dlc) and the idea of having to swap around between multiple accounts doesn't appeal to me much, but eventually something big will come along to challenge steam, and this just might be it. It's certainly not Origin :s

      A lot of these games activate on Steam as well, I've bought Deus Ex Human Revo and Saints Row The Third from there which both activate through Steam, it says if it does in the product description :)

        These sights usually send you a product key, which you can enter into Steam if you want all your games together. Dead Island has to be played through Steam anyway, so I'm guessing they just send you a key with no option to download from their site.

      A decent chunk of the games are steam mandatory because thats how the publisher has set it up.

      Unfortunately Batman Arkham City is not one of those games. It uses their capsule client. Which is a pretty basic affair, my issue with capsule was the fact that when download Arkham City(to Skirt the Steam Price Hike) I couldn't get above 70kb/s. While i can normally get at the lowest 700kb/s from steam) So it took over 2 days to download the damned game since it's like 14GB

    Green man gaming are pretty awesome, I bought Deus Ex for $34 as a pre order from them.

    Also, i'm sorely tempted to buy Saints Row after listening about it extensively in the Giant bombcast.

      DO EEET!!

      It's really satisfying smacking people out with a giant dildo bat.

    I got Skyrim on launch day through them for $56, Sonic Generations for $30, both activated through steam. Much better than paying the ripoff Australian prices.

    Shameless plug - But I gotta do it!
    If you are new to Greenman gaming, use my referal code. I'll give you $2 credit to each of us!

    Note that you'll need to click this and sign up in one sitting for it to work.
    Credit is applied after spending over $5 I think...

    GMG have awesome bargains.. I bought Batman AC the other day for $17 o.O although thanks to Games for windows live trying to play it makes me cry.. why wont you update! it sucks not being able to save your progress.. I had to go out and by Skyrim to cheer myself up

    p.s. Games for windows live sucks worse than the plague

    Never used GMG but heard nothing but good things. If only I had the money to indulge in the sales.

    I picked up Saints Row 3 on Boxing Day when GMG were running a 60% off voucher for that game specifically. Great site, get behind it!

    I'd like Arkham City but GFWL ruins it for me. Will just wait for a similar price for consoles I guess.

    I'm pretty pissed right now. I didn't know Green Man Gaming had sales, so I got Dead Island from Steam for $25 and Batman AC from Game UK Download for $42. One day later Dead Island is $20 and Batman AC is $25 on GMG!! With money I could of saved I would of got War in the North of GMG for $15.

    Wernt all these games on the Steam sale for almost the same price?

      No I mean Dead Island was $25 on Steam, if you know how it can be bought for $15 on GMG.

      Cheapest Batman got though Steam was $49

        No, Arkham City was $25 on US Steam, which is where I got it from :)

        Yeah US STeam is what i get so i dont know what AUS promo was :P the prices such promo or not :P

        I got BM AC for like $30 with Dirt 3 some time ago :) Found the deal on WP

    Space Marine is $22 through GAME UK's download site if anyones interested



      YOU HEAR ME?!!?

      BUY IT!!!

      BUY IT NOW!!!!

        Sorry, you'll have to speak up. Did you say "Rye wheat? Rye wheat cow"?

        *please don't hurt me, I already own Space Marine.

    Did anyone actually try getting to Arkham City for $20?

    The main GMG site advert points to Arkham Asylum, which isn't found (404).

    The actual Arkham City page says it's $25, not $20.

      I got Arkham City from GMG for $17.80 or something. Nothing wrong with GMG, but next time I'd pay full price for ps3 version if it meant never having to deal with Microsoft games for windows live.

        Not to be rude, but you appear to have missed my point. The GMG front page links to a missing page. The actual product page has a different price to the front page.

    GMG is a great site and with great prices I have only ever 2 transactions with them but both went extremely smoothly.

    First Game - They had Dead Island on sale when it first came out for a bargain price I purchased it before reading reviews. Looked at the email showing my purchase and they had a link that if you didnt want the game you could get a refund within 30 mins by clicking the link. Keeping that in mind I though shit better read reviews looked up couple of reviews even though it had alright reviews nothing to win me over. Clicked link and got refund hour after that. (THis was paying by paypal.)

    Second game - Bought Saints Row 3, Super dirt cheap price code emailed to me and also on my GMG account. Got it loaded it everything went well.

    They always have good deals and I normally keep an eye on the site just like Steam and

    Got Fear 3 for $7.83. : )

    great site, and the occasionally give out free games (DEFCON and sniper:ghost warrior are examples), not to mention a lot of their prices undercut Steams as well. I got Saints row:the third for $20 the day before steam had it on sale for $60. Now for a game that only came out last year, that's a great deal

    Bought a number of games from them - all Steam games for less than the prices on Steam itself. It's really good for those publishers that like to add on a fun tax for us Aussies.

    I've resisted buying anything that requires their Capsule application as I don't really want another client, the downloads wouldn't be free (which I get through the 3FL Steam content servers), and it's another different layer of authentication to get my games to work. I'll likely end up relenting on something single player I'm less likely to replay at some stage as I've been happy with my dealings with them to date.

    Get Games ( is download based authorised retailer that I've dealt with for Steam game purchases. Their site had a hiccup the first time I purchased from them and they responded promptly and courteously to my support ticket, resolving the issue. They're on my site to watch after GMG for specials.

    I got Dead Island for $15 yesterday off Greenmangaming :) Must've been a short-time special because later in the afternoon it went up to the current price. Also picked up AvP off them for $5 and then activated both on Steam - easy! Only discovered that website a couple of days ago

    I'll be keeping an eye out for their price of Skyrim which atm is far more attractive than Steam's ripoff RRP for digital content

    FEAR 3 $7.83!!

    Once again, shameless plug

    Warhammer 40k: Space Marine & Saints Row: The Third for a total of $54... Im a happy customer!

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