Goths Don’t Cry In This Lollipop Chainsaw Trailer

Goths Don’t Cry In This Lollipop Chainsaw Trailer

In the high-school food chain, it always seemed like nerds or stoners would be the natural enemies to cheerleaders, not goths. Suda51 seems to think otherwise, judging by the trailer for the developer’s upcoming Warner Bros-published action game.

This guy Swan looks disturbingly like the Billy puppet from the SAW movies. Knowing the horror-centric film tastes of Suda51, that’s probably intentional. You’ll get to take down this Edgar Allen Poe-reading, Robert Smith-listening* archvillain when Lollipop Chainsaw comes out later this year.

*Those are guesses, mind you. But pretty good ones, I think.


  • I am super keen for this. Shadow’s of the Damned being so good made me care about it more.
    And hey, I LOVE my games stupid and over the top sometimes.

  • Goths make sense. Steriotypically, they usually stick with black or white, aren’t very physical, emotional, cheerful or vocal and generally shun attention, while Cheerleaders wear bright colours, are very physical, emotional, cheerful, vocal and seek attention.

    • The keyword being “stereotypical”.

      Goths make “sense” because they are often associated with the macabre, and images of blood, the dead and undead and being social outcasts who hate the world and just want all things to end. He’s also labelled “Geek” which just ups the image of a tormented loner waiting to take revenge on all those around him.

      I’d like to point out that a lot of Goths are actually well-adjusted, outgoing, social people who just dress a bit differently and embrace a different philosophy on life and death.

      Really, I would have loved to have seen the villain as either a rival cheerleader who’s fed up with being second best, or a jock shunned by the main character. Using a goth geek is kind of a tired cliche.

  • Ok, so just watched a bunch of trailers for this on YouTube. . . how awesome does it look?
    If its just fun mindless zombie chainsawing fun IM SOLD!!!

    • This is the correct response… obviously doesn’t take itself too seriously, just looks fun.

      Alot of games are far too serious with everything moving to realism, there is still a large place for games like this.

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