How A $US21,000 Half-Life Gun Was Made

Harrison Krix's replica Half-Life 2 gravity gun looked incredible, but it was never destined for his shelf, or that of an international adult collectible retailer. It was built for charity, and it's for charity it was auctioned.

Awesomely, the gun went as part of a Child's Play auction for a whopping $US21,000. That'd be a bargain if the thing actually worked.

To celebrate, he's posted a lengthy explanation on how it was built over on his website, along with the above snappy video showing it in action.

Half Life 2: Gravity Gun [Volpin Props]


    The only thing "in action" was the camera. What? It can't even be picked up?

    Sorry for being so negative but that vid was all cheese and no pizza.

    Good to see Childs play doing so well.

    Glad to see they made that orange stuff look cool. I always considered that stuff to be the worst texturing job in half-life.

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