How The Awesome Deus Ex: Human Revolution Title Sequence Got Its Upgrades

It's many months in the past now, but you probably remember watching the title sequence for Deus Ex: Human Revolution and thinking "This game is going to be awesome." That's exactly what it was supposed to do.

When you think about it, title sequences are an oft-ignored part of a video game that still needs to do important work to sell a player on the gameworld that they're about to enter. Film enthusiast website The Art of the Title talks to the creators from Goldtooth Creative and Square Enix who crafted the reel for Square Enix's game and find out about the inspirations and methods behind it.

The Art of the Title's in-depth article breaks down the process and inspiration behind the DXHR title sequence, teasing out obvious callbacks like The Six Million Dollar Man TV show and more elusive references from master painter Rembrandt. The whole thing's worth reading, so head on over to The Art of the Title and read their first game-related post.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution [The Art of the Title]


    Probably not developed by the same people but usually Square Enix creates the most memorable title sequences in video games, cue Final Fantasy 8 and Final Fantasy 10.

      All Square did was distribute and allow a FF27 joke.

      The meat of the game was by UBISOFT.

    reminds me of the ghost in the shell:innocence intro

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