How To Stop Yet Another Resident Evil Flick From "Definitely" Happening

How To Stop Yet Another Resident Evil Flick From "Definitely" Happening

The Resident Evil movies make money. That’s why Hollywood keeps on making them. That’s why there’s the upcoming (and Sony hardware-filled) Resident Evil: Retribution. You can bet that, unless nobody sees Retribution, there’s going to be another one.

According to Resident Evil: Retribution director Paul W.S. Anderson, early on there was talk about shooting Retribution, the fifth RE flick, and the still unannounced sixth film back-to-back.

“But if we made another one I do know where it would go,” Anderson told website Bloody Disgusting. “And obviously it would be great to do two full trilogies and just bring everything to an end.”

Meanwhile, the movie’s producers hinted that a prequel, instead of a sequel, could be in the works — or even spinning out another character.

When asked if that meant Anderson was going to make another Resident Evil flick, he replied, “Yes. Definitely. Unless of course no one goes to see this one.”

The fate of yet another Resident Evil movie is in your hands theatergoers!

Returning Heroes And Villains [Bloody Disgusting]


    • Exactly. They’re fun, and Milla is gorgeous. So they’re not the same as the games, boohoo. Just ignore that and enjoy some explosions, zombies and hotness.

    • Google is your friend, my friend. Either that, or just buy The Fifth Element. I swear that movies gets better with every viewing!

  • please dont cancel, some of us like the movies, infact i love them, best zombie movies ever, games arent that great though

    • I agree, I love these films. People need to get off their high-horses. This isn’t trying to be a Rom-Com, a Psychological Thriller or Period Drama. It’s an action movie.

      I’ve enjoyed every one so far (the third one was a bit iffy, but still) and I can’t wait for Retribution!

      • You thought the THIRD one was iffy? Nothing about how every single Alice clone managing to miraculously get wiped out in the first 10 minutes of Afterlife but the regular Alice managed to get away scot-free (except for that whole ‘you-don’t-have-ridiculous-powers-anymore’ schtick), or how suddenly zombies had a secondary mutation ‘just cause’, or how that random Executioner B.O.W. just came to be without any explanation as to its mutations (unlike the Lickers, Nemesis and *shudder* Tyrant in the previous films), or how they literally stole the Wesker fight from Resident Evil 5 scene-for-scene?

        The ResEvil films have definitely been slowly been decreasing in quality, but Afterlife was completely all over the place IMO.

  • well why complain about it, no one will do anything about it, might as well just enjoy it, i mean until some hollywood guy wakes up to himself and looks and see’s that there is an audience for this genre which is zombies and hacking people apart were gonna have to put up with resident evil….

  • I have one major gripe with the RE flicks. The first game you spent 80% of the game wondering what umbrella was and it was a great plot point and reveal when you found out. The movie says what umbrella is in the first 2 seconds of the movie.

  • They’re certainly nothing great, but they’re good mindless fun. Open skull, take out brain, replace with Maltesers!

  • i usually hate mindless action flicks but i really enjoy the resident evil series… exept that one where they turned that dude into a big demon with miniguns for arms, that was just dumb.

  • As far as bad movies go, I don’t mind watching these ones. The last one had a half decent plot for the first half, until it started tripping over itself.

  • I only know one guy who’s watched any of these movies beyond the first one… and he’s watched them all + owns them on DVD. I think most people don’t particularly care for this franchise, but the handful who do, keep coming back, turning it into the the biggest cashcow for Paul W S Anderson + Jovovich. The exact same thing is happening with Underworld (Len Wiseman keeps directing/producing it to keep his wife Kate Beckinsale employed).

    I hope anyone who does pay to see this realises he’s just contributing to their 10th yacht.

  • Movie goers who don’t play the games love them, and they won’t be listening to you.

    Personally, I’d enjoy them mroe if they didn’t use the RE name, but I enjoy them as just a mindless action film with some fanservice thrown in.

  • Well I wouldn’t say “stop” making them. What I would say is please make them better! Because right now its doing a pretty lame job in all categories
    -action, survival, horror, story, CGI effects, connection to the actual game.

    No really, I would prefer they pick one category and excel at it. I don’t even mind if it strays even further from the actual game. Just….make something decent!

  • Why on earth would you ever wan’t to stop them? Even if you don’t like the movies, their production provides hundreds of people with jobs. Trying to rally people to engineer an end to the RE movies strikes me as some genuine antisocial behavior.

  • Personally i look forward to the next one. And i might even see it twice just to spite Ashcraft 😀

    They are decent mind numbing entertainment.

    They don’t stick to the games canon true, and personally i think this is a good thing. Why would i want to see something i could play.

    Personally i think the greatest traversty the movies have had is that Jill Valentine wasn’t in Extinction with her RE2 Outfit. Well really in Extinction at all because she decided to go and film eragon instead.

    I think Transformers deserves to die more. But thats more MR. EXPLOSIONS fault than anything else

  • The films may not follow the games but it’s not like the games have much going for them anyway save for their reputation for bad camera angles and clumsy controls.

  • I’m sorry, nut these movies are brilliant. They acheive everything that they set out to do. I mean, you know that you’re not paying for the next titanic when you go to see these movies. You’re paying for an over the top zombie, action film. Oh, and boobs.

  • Resident Evil movies are the kinds of movies I’ll watch when I’m not in the mood to think. Which is unfortunate because I think there’s a lot of potential that just isn’t even being addressed in that franchise.
    I’d love to see a serious take (reboot I guess) of the Resident Evil films. Something much more atmospheric and suspenseful/mysterious like the first two games in the series were.
    I’d love to see Ridley Scott do one… but that’s just pie-in-the-sky dreaming right there ;-P

    I just downloaded and played the demo for Resident Evil Revelations on the 3DS and I gotta say I’m now psyched for it. The ‘Demo’ that came with Mercenaries 3D was pretty terrible and lasted about as long as it takes for me to sneeze, but this newer downloadable one is a decent chunk of gameplay and a *lot* of it felt like those first few games but with better controls. It was enough to get me much much more interested in Revelations.

    For me the film series has mirrored the game series in a lot of ways, if not in specific plot points and characters. They started off in a way that held my interest, but in recent years have been pretty mindless and become more of a fun distraction. I’d like to see the games and the movies go back to what was good originally and dial it back from all the crazy ‘superhero/super-powers’ type stuff they’re getting into lately.

  • I like the Resi movies. Sure, they’ve got pretty much nothing to do with the games, but what’s wrong with a little over the top B-grade action? Remember the good ol’ days, when the likes of Chuck Norris, Van Damne, Stallone, etc. used to grace our cinemas and video stores? This is just the modern equivalent.

  • Im no huge fan – but the movies are enjoyable, if mindless. The fourth one was quite dreadful, but the others weren’t awful. Just not very R.E vibe.

  • Hey Ashcraft,

    I really enjoy the Resident Evil movies. I hope they make 19 more.

    If you don’t like them, don’t watch them, fucko.

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