Is Nintendo Adding eReader Functionality To The 3DS And The Wii U?

According to Forget The Box, an inside source has revealed that Nintendo is in the process of prepping e-Reader functionality for both the 3DS and the Wii U, allowing users to download books, magazines, newspapers and comics to the Wii U controller and the 3DS.

Forget The Box is claiming that Nintendo is interested in making every copy of Nintendo Power and guides to old games available on the service, a move which plays into the nostalgia factor offered through the virtual console. It's apparently all part of a move on Nintendo's part to move towards the Wii U as a collection of services in addition to its normal functionality as a games machine.

It's an interesting rumour, but one I'm a little cynical about. While Nintendo has added extra functionality to the Wii like the weather channel and other online services, it's always remained reluctant to move away from its own unique niche in the games market. I could see Nintendo implementing some form of e-Reader functionality for guides and games magazines, but can't see the Wii U controller being used as a full blown e-Reader like a Kindle, specifically since Nintendo has been keen to avoid labeling the Wii U as a traditional tablet.

I've been completely wrong about these things before however, and considering the Wii U is the first Nintendo console where it looks as though it is attempting to respond to trends instead of creating them, perhaps an e-Reader makes sense. As a company Nintendo has always been interested in utilising 'withering' technology to create new experiences, and e-readers fall into that category to an extent.

It's possible that it's simply an avenue Nintendo is looking into without making any kind of concrete decision. In any case, I'm keen to see precisely what direction Nintendo decide to take the Wii U in 2012.

Nintendo Set To Enter Realm of e-Readers [Forget The Box]


    I thought that all the processing was done within the WiiU console which then magically beamed everything to the controller. There's not much point if having an e-reader if you have to stay within 10 feet of the console.

      Show me one console that has a maximum wireless range of ten feet.

        I picked a number, 10 feet or 50 feet you won't be taking the WiiU Controller outside the house like you might with a proper e-reader

    Anyone else immediately think of the E-Card Reader for the GBA on reading the title?

      Thats What i was thinking As Well :D

        Me too! Was disappointed to find that it was referring to trying to be yet another tablet device instead.

      It's the only e-reader I ever think of.

      Absolutely love the thing, and loathe how quickly it was dropped.

      Eeyup. My first thought was "e-Reader?", second was "Oh, that card thing from the GBA?" and my third, upon reading the article, was "Oh, THAT thing. I see."

    Being able to buy game guides online and check them on the controller while the game is paused is something new, especially for old games which guides aren't available for anymore.
    I'll wait until more details are available on this one, but I still have faith in the big N.

    But.. why??? lol

    I mean, the old magazine and game guides is neat.. but.. why???
    I mean the internet has already made those things somewhat mute...

      Why not? If someone is going to pay for it, there is probably more that will as well.

      I believe the word you are thinking of is 'moot'

    Hmm could be good. Rather than looking at my phone or laptop for a game guide, I just have to look down at my controller! I like it!

    Wii U - Sure, I could see that as a possibility. 3DS - Not so much. The screens are too small, and reading manuals alone is a bit of a difficult task let alone magazines/books/comics.

    I hope that Nintendo so move away from making a 100% dedicated gaming console though. In this day and age it looks like they'll pretty much have to to increase their market share. It's a shame but it's true, and I want Nintendo to do well!

      do move away**

        I hope they stay game orientated as well. I f**king hate my xBox for all the marketing crap they shove down your throat. The games tab has almost been hidden in the latest dashboard!

    Youtube would be nice too nintendo!

    lol because eReader worked so well last time they did it

      Well when you think about it, the Power Glove is what the Wii is today complete with sensor bar etc. The 3DS is just the Virtua Boy re-invented as well. You never know what the Big N has up their sleeve, but they have proved if you don't suceed the first time wait 10+ years and bring it out again!!!

    Youtube first please nintendo.


    Youtube would be very nice!

    Ugh, I'm worried about the battery life of that thing.

    The tablet controller? Allowing the screen to be used for game guides while playing old games sounds like a good idea. But nothing else will work (The prototypes at least use Infrared and have very,very little internal storage (and that's volatile storage)

    And the 3DS? Sure try it, but do you really want to read a book on a 3DS?

      I read manga on my 3ds all the time.

    Can't wait to read my books in 3D!!!

    why would you want to read books in 3d. the contrast whould give you headaches

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