Kotaku's Guide To Gaming In The Year 2012

Another year, another twelve months filled with new game releases, extravagant gaming events, and big hardware releases. How can anyone hope to keep them all straight? Kotaku's 2012 Gamer's Calendar is here to help.

This massive infographic (suitable for framing) represents the biggest and baddest games, hardware releases, and gaming events of the year, listed in handy linear temporal format for those of you not tuned in to the quantum calendar. From CES in January to December, when the gaming industry naps, it's all here for your browsing pleasure.

Of course this calendar doesn't represent every single event or releases this year. If your favourite game or convention didn't make the cut, feel free to tell people about it in the comments. You might make a friend or two in the process, or maybe they'll just laugh at you. They're an unpredictable bunch.

Need a direct download link? Fine.

And yes, I initially had 2011 in the image. What can I say, I don't write checks anymore, gotta mess up someplace.


    The only games so far that interest me for this year is Diablo 3 and Mass Effect 3...

      Apart from those two games I'll be waiting for Steam and GMG sales before buying any new games.
      Hopefully my backlog lasts another 6 months.

    I like it how they say its a slow start, when the only games with release dates I want are in the first 2 months.
    - Final Fantasy XIII-2
    - SoulCalibur 5
    - SSX (hoping it to be like SSX3... but expecting it to be littered with DLC)
    - Borderlands 2 (TBA, will probably not buy right away, due to price discrepancy. Hopefully its Steamworks so i can import/GMG it)
    - Torchlight 2 (TBA)

    PS Vita (Little Deviants, Army Corps of Hell, and Wipeout 2048), Armored Core V and FFXIII-2. Hoping for a translated release of Final Fantasy Type-0 on PSP as well. Diablo 3 and Blizzard can go to hell.

    Catherine is having its Australian release on February 17th might be worth noting.

      For the benefit of both of the people who want it but haven't imported yet.

        ...and you just killed half that market, because 1 of those guys read the comment, and said "Catherine! That's what it was called. Better go import that"

    ... nice to see bronycon is big enough to warrant a mention by the great and powerful kotaku ... ponies for all!

    :S you mention spider man but avoid mentioning The Hobbit and The Avengers.... =

      Batman too?

      Perhaps the Amazing Spider-Man game is more the subject than the movie

    Twisted Metal, Max Payne 3, The Darkness 2, & hopefully a PSVita for me. And definetly getting a Wii U later in the year

    Can't forget Far Cry 3!

      Actually, you can - I certainly had!

      But good thing you reminded me - definitely interested in Far Cry 3!

    Come on, there'll be a Battlefield, surely? And it's not summer here in July (though I confess some areas of Oz will still be cranking up the A/C).

    What about the Kingdom of Amalur Game? February from what I have read? Supposedly has the potential to be as good as Skyrim but not mentioned?

    In Soviet America, summer is winter and winter is summer.

    As much as I loathe giving money to Activision I'm sure I'll end up picking up Heart of the Swarm and Diablo Triple in Collector's Edition form

    What the hell is Bronycon?

      Convention for My Little Pony:Friendship is magic. The creator of the show, Lauren Faust is going I believe.

      it's exactly what it says it is: a convention for bronies.

      If you don't know the bronies, whip out your Google for a minute. It's kind of notable.

    Bronycon is a Convention for Bronies; adult fans of My Little Pony.

    That's actually what led me here.

    Mass Effect 3 and Max Payne 3 in March. WOW. My wallet is gona bleed that month. My two most antisipated games in the same month.

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