Kotaku’s Guide To Gaming In The Year 2012

Kotaku’s Guide To Gaming In The Year 2012

Another year, another twelve months filled with new game releases, extravagant gaming events, and big hardware releases. How can anyone hope to keep them all straight? Kotaku‘s 2012 Gamer’s Calendar is here to help.

This massive infographic (suitable for framing) represents the biggest and baddest games, hardware releases, and gaming events of the year, listed in handy linear temporal format for those of you not tuned in to the quantum calendar. From CES in January to December, when the gaming industry naps, it’s all here for your browsing pleasure.

Of course this calendar doesn’t represent every single event or releases this year. If your favourite game or convention didn’t make the cut, feel free to tell people about it in the comments. You might make a friend or two in the process, or maybe they’ll just laugh at you. They’re an unpredictable bunch.


Need a direct download link? Fine.

And yes, I initially had 2011 in the image. What can I say, I don’t write checks anymore, gotta mess up someplace.


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