LEGO Universe Just Died A Sudden, Peaceful Death

The second this story went live, at midnight EST, January 30, the lights went out on LEGO Universe, a massively-multiplayer game that should have been amazing, but in the end, was far from it.

With Minecraft doing everything people wanted from a LEGO game, and this LEGO game doing little to capitalise on why people like LEGO in the first place, it never struck a nerve with the market, and a move last ear to a free-to-play model was too little and too late.

Rest in Peace, LEGO Universe. May the LEGO game that follows you actually remember why it is people love LEGO in the first place.


    Wait LEGO Universe was released???? Why didn't I hear about this earlier?

      Oh Kotaku did report on it, or I should say they did the usual copy paste from the US site. Why is this a problem? Because everyone apart from the US was IP blocked.

        Maybe it was only after it went F2P, but I played this for about 3 hours a few months ago. Unfortunately, it held my attention about as long as DCUO.

        We still get articles on Mortal Kombat and other games banned in Aus. In fact, if something happens in Uzbekistan relating to games we'd hear about it. So why shouldn't we hear about this?

        It was sort of fun in Beta. Good, but not great.

        Uh I played in Aus so confused how it could've been IP blocked.

      I know, right? I had no idea it was even out. Then earlier on the story about Everquest going F2P someone mentions LEGO Universe was dead. I google it and sure enough, it was going dark in a few hours.

      I guess I didn't miss anything, but still!

      I played it but only after getting a copy gifted from the US. Managed to get a subscription by fooling the system into thinking I lived in the states. It was a cute little game and I enjoyed the building component greatly. Sadly they shot themselves in the foot by not expanding the audience to other regions and the most dumbarse free to play system

    Wow, I remember hearing about this but didn't actually realise it ever got released. Perhaps marketing was their big problem?

      More the fact they IP blocked people from outside the US from memory.

      Played the beta a bit. It was sorta fun. But i think they could have gotten better results by making a lego game of old than what they did

      Marketing must've been a huge issue 'cause I live in Canada and I never knew anything 0.o

    If I remember correctly, the point of lego was putting stuff together in forms you wanted and saying "this is an x, it can do y and these bits of it are it's guns/engines/doors/pool of sharks/jet packs/whatever". Maybe that's why I've made some of my own computer/pen and paper games, I started making what I liked with lego in primary school.

    i thought i'd start a rumor and say that if i was to guess one of mojangs secret projects, a new lego universe would be it.

      Don't waste your time here, go suggest it to Mojang. It could end up quite good.

    " a move last ear " COME ON MAN IT'S IN THE FUCKING LINK! You had to actually look at this sentence when you checked to make sure the link worked.

    You did check to make sure the link worked, did you?

    Mark, can you add this guy to the list of 'morning US journalists that we more vigilantly filter out of the news feed?' Give bashcraft some company

    What's the matter Plunkett, trying to steal Bashcraft's world's worst journalist award?

      As much as I love bashing bad journalism, a single typo doesn't seem to warrant this.

        Go look at his Fez post which starts with an apostrophe which looks like it's meant to say "[company name]'s Fez" instead it just starts " 's Fez"

        Or any of his other posts this isn't a one of it is routine

          Off* dammit iPhone

            Well there's the problem, it looks like these people write these articles on their phones :P

      You did check to make sure the link worked, didn't* you?
      (You began the sentence with the assumption that he had in fact checked the link then followed with a question inferring the opposite)

      hurr durr

    Basically I don't believe the game even lasted a year. When I heard it was coming out I followed it pretty hard, only to find out I couldn't play it in Aus.
    I kept thinking about getting a US copy to play but thought I would wait till it was released. Finally about 6 - 8 months later it went F2P, BUT there was a catch. You could only play it so far and then you had to get a subscription. This was fine until I went to buy a subscription, it told me the game wasn't available in my country.
    Googled this a bit a found a posting that said Lego Universe was never submitted to get a rating in Australia so it couldn't be sold. I guess this was because of initial concerns about US server loads.
    In the end it was fun while the F2P lasted. I'm glad I didn't end up wasting money on it.

    I played F2P to find out you couldn't even talk and your character sucked and at a certain point only 30 minutes into the game you had to get a bloody subscription. Fuck Lego Universe.

    All they need to do to survive was to be an actual F2P (and not that unlimited free trial crap) and open up to more regions. Regions that already can buy all their other products (like Australia). They never provided a real reason why we couldn't subscribe. We could have played on the US servers just fine.

    I've never subscribed to a P2P. LU would have be the first game to change my mind but oh well. Now I wait for either Cube world or a private server.

    Shane3x is speaking the truth...
    a pirate server? ;)
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