Remember This?

Do you remember the game from this fragment of a screenshot? Today's screenshot recommendation comes courtesy of Ben Kosmina, the director of Green Stripe Snake and a developer who is currently finishing up the game MacGuffin's Curse. If the game is too easy to guess, blame him!



    The Dig. It's the bit where they dig.

      they dig on a grey asteroid, how the f**k does that even resemble it?

        0_0 *backs out of room slowly..*

    Always good to see you get the Dig in Shane.

    I have no idea about todays entry. But it looks like a crane or industrial platform of some sort so I'll toss out TMNT Turtles in Time.


    Rise of the Triad?

    Also, what was the answer for Thursday?

    Wolfenstein 3d

    Kinda looks like a ground texture, is it Dark Reign?

    It looks vaguely like Balderdash (or i think it was Boulderdash) on commodore 64 - where you had to shovel all the dirt around without dropping boulders on yourself...

    If thats not Doom, or Doom2 ill be fimgucked

      I was thinking doom as well

        Even just looking at it my mind recalls that "Guitar" riff ....
        Dana Dana Da Da Da Dananana ...
        (Official Tabs btw)

    Sorry I'm late.

    Rise of the Triad

      I hope he wins because of his nice manners and because ROTT was awesome.

      Kind regards

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