Sony Finds 12 More People That Want To Compete For Crap Game-Testing Job

Season 3 of the show so outrageously specific it only airs on a video game console kicks off next month. Let's see what sort of quality folks Sony's dredged together for the third season of The Tester.

As you may recall, we've gotten into the horrible habit of live blogging watching episodes of Sony's reality program in which players compete for the lowest paying job in the game industry plus fabulous cash and prizes. McWhertor handled season one, I handled season two figuring McWhertor, who guested on the second season, would be back to live blog season three.

Then McWhertor left, that jerk.

So here we are with an all new cast of misfits. We've got whacky rapping guy, big time jock, fiery redhead, and girl who doesn't know that wearing a red lip ring almost always makes it look like you have herpes. I can't wait.

And I won't have to; The Tester 3 premiers on February 7. Oh good.

Meet the Complete Season 3 Cast of The Tester [PlayStation Blog]


    I will watch this every week because I derive some sort of strange happiness from it...

    It might be because it's the only 'reality show' that I actually watch so my stomach can take the small doses... and it might be because it's free... and it might be because of Meredith... and it might be because it gives me something to watch while I eat junk food...

    No matter how many reasons I list I'm still going to feel ashamed about this, aren't I?

      On actually watching that trailer I am now unsure if I will be able to stomach this season... that weird 'rapper' guy about made me turn off a 2 minute trailer :-P

      There's always a bunch of weirdos and assholes with a few 'average' people thrown in who it's obvious it will actually come down to... but from that group it's hard to pick who's average... it appears as though the asshole-to-normal-person ratio is WAY off here

    Dear Sony, Please let me an aussie be on that show

      I've tried but never got a response. Then again, I've been a QA Tester for 3 years now, 1 more month and then I'm out of the games industry and onto bigger and better money.

      Still would have loved to be on that show for the lulz

    The only reason I would ever watch this show is to see what if EgoRaptor is as funny in person as his animations tend to be.

    Kotaku - WTF did you just expose me too. Wow, I'm glad I never bought a PS3...

      It's not compulsory you know, when you get a ps3 they don't make you sign a contract in blood that you have to watch this show every night before you go to sleep or you will die.

      I've never watched it and I doubt I ever will, not even to make fun of it because the people on it are doing that far better than I ever could by just being themselves.

    is that actually egoraptor of ?

      could be interesting then I guess.

    It's like watching a train crash in super slow motion...

    Haha, at 1:15 even she is thinking 'Man I feel stupid saying this...'

    Holy shit, Egoraptor! I might have to actually watch this season.

    Egoraptor will be the only reason I watch this show.

    I knew there was a reason I didn't buy a ps3.
    Thank you for pointing it out to me.

    Take it away Professor Farnsworth;

    yesss Egoraptor!

      If Egoraptor dosent win, the internet has failed.

    I wish reality TV in all its hideous forms would just die.

    LOL! a game show where people compete to become a game tester... the future is now.

    Thankfully they're not actually competing for a tester job this time; they get a 'production associate' credit and a real prize.

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