The PlayStation You Never Got To Play

The first PlayStation 1 controllers looked silly. No wonder the world never got to use them.

The world also never got to use this first PlayStation from 1991. A Sony produced SNES, it was the fruit of what was unsuccessfully a failed Nintendo partnership.

The other prototypes were Sony's own original PlayStation designs for hardware it planned to release. Note the "PowerStation" concept art.

Sony finally released the PlayStation 1 in late 1994 in Japan. A worldwide release followed in 1995.

Rare Sony PlayStation Images [GamingBolt via Inside Games]


    But... that's a SNES controller!

      Nintendo were the original developers of the "Sony Powered" Playstation. Nintendo dropped it to go with Panasonic and the Nintendo64 and Sony took the development of the Playstation on board by themselves. So yeah, we could have had the Nintendo Playstation.

        The relationship was the fruit of the fact that the SNES used a SONY-produced sound card, and Thats why The sues had good audio

    That would be a relic from the partnership with them

    This had potential to be an awesome article about the history of the partnership and why it failed but no Ashcraft couldn't actually do work could he.

      C'mon man, it's BASHCRAFT. Of course he'll do a blurb and photos only.

        That's an article that's been done many time in the past by lots of sites, probably this one. These are just some new images(at least to me).

      Just do i search and you'll realise that ANOTHER article on the failed partnership is totally not needed. I swear every gaming blog does one at least once per year. Ashcraft just knew there was no point

        I think you're giving him a bit too much credit, sir.

    I still love the design of the first(released) playstation.

    These are all regurgitated images from an article EDGE ran in 2009, recently reposted on Reddit.

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