The PS3 Looks Like It's Getting A Video Editing Studio



    Not a chance. PC/Mac is just designed to do this better and with a controller it would be horrible. Now you can plug in KB.mouse but I just dont think there is really a need for this.

      Are you one of those shits that were complaining about Dark Souls not being on PC?

    So many other things that PS3 users want/need and this is how they spend their time and money.

    Hey Sony - you can't fix my launch 60GB PS3 but I can't retrieve my data from it either!

      It's not like Mojang, where they have four people and a hat stand.

      Sony has multiple divisions and multiple teams inside divisions working on multiple projects. This was one.

      I'm guessing the coders who dealt with this probably aren't anywhere near consoles being sent in under warranty.

    How about the originally promised backwards compatibility so I don't have to drag the PS2 out of mothballs when I wanna play Scarface or The Warriors.

      I can dig iiiiiiiiit. The amount of times I've wanted to replay The Warriors, but I traded the ps2 years ago.

      Not possible on current hardware, unless you have a launch console (which you obviously don't).

      They removed the extra chips in later models because it was apparently "too costly" or "too buggy".

      This extra chip was needed because the PS2 worked on a completely different architecture to the PS3.

        Buy a PS2. They are cheap these days.

        It is very possible through emulation. Just they said that'd take to much work and may not achieve 100% compatibility so they'd rather save it.

      That's their sell point for PS4 and revitalising update for Vita.

    "Hey, Internet! Looks like Sony is releasing a new app in a direction you wouldn't usually take a console. It's completely non-compulsory and no-one is forcing you to use it"

    "WAAAAAAAAAAA its going to sux lol sony sux y not make moar games hahahaha anonymous rulez"

    Man, the internet sucks a lot.

      Couldn't the team who spent time developing this put that same time towards something a tad more useful for their customers?

      I think that's the general kind of response and it's a legit one as well.

        Some people may find it useful. You and I may not be that person however.

    You can make your own Metal Gear game with this!

    See what I did there?... It's a cut scene joke...hello?...anyone? this thing on?

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