The World’s Smallest Aperture Logo?

Nanotechnology engineering student TheObviousTrap created a 300 nanometer thick Aperture logo in an undergrad class. Bravo!

"Obtaining the image using scanning electron microscopy is probably overkill but that was only equipment I had access to," TheObviousTrap wrote on Reddit.

Portal players will be familiar with Aperture — the in-game scientific corporation. Nanotechnology students will be familiar 300 nm thick creations.

Engineers make small things in class [Reddit Thanks C W!]


    Shame it wasn't something that actually did something instead of nanografitti.

    I have a friend who just got her first choice in a physics/nano tech degree at Uni here and it started me thinking about what nano tech had actually produced to date. Apart from a sunscreen that had to be taken off the shelves over health concerns I couldn't think of one thing.

    Nano tech and genetic engineering have to be the two biggest useless degrees out. :/

      -Self cleaning and healing paints, surfaces and fabric
      -fancy golf balls
      -medicines like bandaids that provide nutrients and disinfectants; or
      targeted cancer drugs and radiotherapy aids
      -every battery in every mobile phone, handheld console, laptop or tablet
      -that sticky tape stuff that works like a Gecko's feet.

      You know what, maybe there is something to this whole nano-whatsit thingamabob.

        how dare you suggest uses for SCIENCE. Those are Terrible Raisins to use that weird sciency stuff

      Genetic engineering has led to the creation of many useful foods/cures the o0nly reasons that it may seem useless is that nearly every government ever just atacks it out of fear.
      -Drought resistant crops
      -fish that grow larger (are sterile to prevent contamination of natural population)
      -Increased nutrient levels in many crops
      -Have led to the discovery of genetic mutations that can lead to people becoming alcholic/overweight.

      You know what, maybe there is something to this whole genetic-dohickey

    Soon all clues for up comming Valve Games (such as half life3) will be "engraved" into valve merch.

    Dare i say....This was a triumph

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