The Xbox 360's Video Playback "Issue" Acknowledged, Microsoft "Working On A Fix"

After a few months of people pointing the issue out, Microsoft has finally acknowledged that the 2011 dashboard update has created a problem with the console's video playback.

Xbox spokesman Larry Hryb has said the company is "aware of the colorspace issue" affecting "some Xbox video apps", and that Microsoft is "working on a fix".

Note he only seems to be addressing the issue of colours appearing "washed out", not the other allegations that third-party video apps are "no longer being rendered in native resolution".

"No ETA yet", Hryb adds, "but we hope to have an update soon".

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    I'm not an Xbox user (no hate, just no need for two consoles).

    However, based on recent articles, it seems like there's a pattern here:

    1. People report an issue
    2. Xbox denies it
    3. Considerable amount of time and complaints later, Xbox admit there may be an issue
    4. Considerable time later, there's a fix.

    I hear it's the same as the old RRoD issue, this issue, "account hacking", etc.

    Is that pretty much right? And if so, it sounds like horribly, extremely poor customer support.

    [NB: Not looking for a fanboy war, just curious as an "outsider"]

      I don't think MS denied anything in this case - they just didn't respond at all.

        The thing is that in a corporation there are many wheels in motion, and what is happens is more like:

        1. People report an issue
        2. Xbox PR checks current flagged issues and can't find it; "denies". Issue is flagged by a separate department.
        3. Separate department reproduces issue.
        4. PR is prompted again and finds the known issue in their system and "admits" to it.
        5. Separate department makes a fix and deploys.

        Its not that they're trying to hide something, its just poor management structure (which is still a problem, don't get me wrong).

    Well I myself love the Xbox 360 (I own 3, one for each main room of the house... stupid I know) but I cannot help but agree with Zap.

    Microsoft will ALWAYS deny something that potentially damages the repour of either the company as a whole or the product in question.

    Once the issue is actually investigated properly or the issue fades from the headlines Microsoft always jump out with their official 'statement' claiming "Oh yeah hey we've only had TEENY WEENY reports of this happening and we are investigating however most of our customers are happy with no issue as we continue to deliver a great service" *eyeroll*

    Coupled with this and the new way the Xbox is heading I'm kind of backing off it entirely.

    The Xbox has always been awful at playing videos anyway.

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