Universal Microtransactions Are Coming To PS3

Upcoming shooter Dust 514 won't just be the first PS3 game to link to an MMO on the PC. It'll also be the first to support a framework for the purchase of microtransactions on the PlayStation Network.

Asked by Develop whether developers CCP would be using their own form of in-game currency on the PlayStation 3, Hilmar Pétursson says "Yes and [Sony hasn't] done anything like this before. We're having many meetings with them to ensure they have solid policies on virtual currency. Given the amount of back and forth there, we can definitely see us breaking new ground."

The things that are being nutted out in meetings include revenue splitting and what happens when the PS3 goes quietly into the night.

If/when it all comes together, though, there'll be a means on the PlayStation 3 of publishers offering microtransactions using their own forms of currency. Meaning you'll see a lot more free-to-play games coming along.

The oldest republic [Develop]


    And microsoft goes from points to money. Hmmmm. Micro transactions all round!

    I feel like the videogame industry has its own doomsday clock these days, and this is surely cause to push it forward a minute.

      Perhaps the world will end in 2012 after all...

    gaming will go the way of hollywood. the big budget games will be the usual trash and the decent games developed by "indies" and smaller studios wont have the budget or brand recognition to make a real classics. hopefully there is a repeat of 1983 and the big studios are put in their place.

    Yes now if Microsoft would remove the purpously engineered $hitstorm it currently has in place which makes it extremely time consuming and annoying to remove a credit card from an XBL account then maybe i would reactivate.

    They always say "micro transactions" but they're quite expensive, like eve onlines $68 goggles.

    Doesn't Fifa 11/12 already do this with Ultimate Team?

    I thought DC Universe online was an MMO that ran on the PC as well as the PS3 and had micro transactions...

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