Want To ‘Play’ Skyrim On A Tablet?

Want To ‘Play’ Skyrim On A Tablet?

This past week at CES, NVIDIA and ASUS teamed up to show off The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim running on ASUS’ latest and greatest tablet — the Transformer Prime.

How’d they do it? There’s an app for that. An app called Splashtop THD. Splashtop THD is the new and improved (but not yet available) version of Splashtop, the award-winning app that is already available for Android and iOS devices. What Splashtop allows you to do is stream content from your PC to your tablet. You can do this wirelessly, or via an Ethernet cable.

Watch below as NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang and old-school pro gamer Fatal1ty do some schtick and show off Splashtop THD and Skyrim on the new Transformer Prime.

Once the app is installed and Splashtop finds your network, your PC compresses and streams the visuals to your tablet. Your tablet then streams your inputs to your PC. I asked NVIDIA exactly how that all works and I swear they said “auto-magically”.

Anyhow, what you get in the end is a very lovely 720p experience on your 10-inch screen. Better yet, you will suffer no frame rate loss and only have a minimal amount of delay. (Less than 15ms most of the time)

Nothing else is compromised, and what you get is practically a 1:1 gaming experience on your tablet. Nice.

However, there’s obviously a catch. A few in fact.

Exactly what do you need in order to make this happen?

1) A high end PC with an NVIDIA GPU — I asked NVIDIA what would happen if I tried to re-create this demo with an AMD RADEON 6750. They laughed.

2) A high end tablet powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor – I asked NVIDIA what would happen if I tried to re-create this demo on a Samsung Galaxy Tab. They laughed.

3) A very fast and reliable network connection — You know, that “good” internet your friends are always talking about.

So, if you meet the qualifications above, then congratulations, you’re ready to experience the wonders of high-end PC gaming on your tablet!

Sure, one could argue the practicality of an application like this, and Skyrim certainly isn’t the most practical game to be playing on a tablet, but it’s certainly hard to argue how cool this sort of technology will be once it’s much more affordable.

If you want to play around with the current version of Splashtop, you can get it here and for more on what ASUS has coming down the line (including the extremely sexy seven-inch Eee Pad tablet they just unveiled) be sure to like them on Facebook.

Image: Chad Lakkis.


    • I kept skipping ahead in the video, and I almost lost count on how many times I heard the words: “this cant possibly work …” and then “wow, it just works” … yeah the same way your teams keep coming up with gimmicky ideas that you hope will work, and then, getting by on the grace of far too many people having more dollars than sense, watch the money keep rolling into your bank account. Jen-Hsun Huang is such a fake ass. The way he is talking in this video is downright embarrassing, and he might as well cut out all the crap talk and just say, “hey guys, I know you all have plenty of money that you want to spend, so just buy this pointless crap and make me even richer!” >insert golden tooth smile here< What a joke.

  • The “How’d they do it?” I want answered is how can they still be promoting this when the Hasbro lawsuit is going to pull the rug out from under them.

    • Funny also that the splashtop sites makes NO mention of Splashtop THD which is what the article was actually talking about…

      • No even then it still wont happen as Win8 on a tablet uses an ARM procesor in order to conserve bettery life, so steam and all the games with it have to be ported from the x86 executables. which wont happen.

        If a Win8 Tablet does come out with an i5 or something, then yes it would work.

  • They dont mention it because you dont need an nvidia card to use splashtop normally, but you would if you wanted to do something like stream skyrim

  • I thought I would just note that the controller was not wired into the tablet, so it would be directly into the PC so really all it was doing was streaming the video.

    • Kills me to back up Nvidia, but actually its connected to the tablet. Its one of the connectivity options thats now available in Android and something Nvidia has been saying they support in Tegra 2 and 3 with wireless controllers..

  • Here’s why this tablet will fail. You need a High-End PC to stream Skyrim. Also, the controller connects to the PC, not the Tablet. So here’s what you do:
    1) Get a High-End PC.
    2) Get a High-End HD TV.
    3) Buy Skyrim on Steam on your PC.
    4) Buy a wireless Xbox 360 Controller for Windows PCs.
    5) Stream from your High-End PC to your High-End HD TV in 1080P
    No Need for a Tablet in this plan, which means people won’t buy the Tablet, which means it will BOMB. Don’t waste your time when you can spend the same amount for a Nice HD TV.

    • Yes, because the only thing people will use the tablet for is to stream games from their PC.

      This is more a showcase of the power behind the tablet, not what you should be doing with it.

  • Would I like to play Skyrim on a tablet? No.

    I think that a tablet could aid Skyrim though. I would, however, like it if I could have my inventory or spell list or quick menu on my tablet and just look down and tap it rather than pause my game to do so.

  • I just don’t see the point.

    The ability for the Tablet to use the computational ability of the PC is good for things like watching movies (My ASUS Transformer cannot play high quality MKVs to save its life and if you can stream it from your computer it will solve those problems) but if you have a PC that can play a game….. why on earth would you play it on your tablet? Do people really value lounging on their backs so much that they’d rather do that than play it on the PC?

    • Are you actually asking if people would rather sit on a couch and play games rather than sit at a desk at their computer… hmm.

      Yes I do realise this is possibly the wrong forum for getting the most common answer to that.

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