While You Were Sleeping

As if by some terrible miracle, the world continued spinning on its axis last night, while you slept. And stuff happened. While You Were Sleeping intends to inform you of said stuff.

Agent 47 is pretty brutal. And I mean that in the physical, murder the utter crap out of people, way. Not the rubbish way. But according to this extensive preview the upcoming Hitman Absolution features an even more brutal Agent 47. HOW CAN THAT BE!

Cloud gaming may be closer than you think. Hold me. I'm scared of change! Is this a glimpse of a terrifying future we have no control over! ARGH!

Also — this is pretty cool: a group of guys use an awesome echo underground to sing the Halo theme. This is also, also cool: a GTA IV Terminator mode.

And finally, Everquest II sees a 300% surge in new players after going free-to-play. People like free stuff. Who knew?

In Short Get Ready To Play As A More Brutal Agent 47 In Hitman Absolution OnLive Partners Up With Google TV To Deliver Console Free Gaming Everquest II Sees A 300 Surge In New Players After Going Free To Play Anyone Can Sing The Halo Theme Underground And Sing It Damn Well This GTA IV Terminator Mod Says Hasta La Vista Bellic


    AWWWW cute puppy!

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