While You Were Sleeping

Dat sleep. You were having it. Stuff happened. The world continued to spin. That's where we come in, with this handy little round up of what went down while you were catching those much needed Zs.

As you may have heard me mention on multiple occasions, I'm not much of an MMO fan. Actually, truth be told, I've never really played one properly. I have been toying with trying out Star Wars: The Old Republic, mainly because I loved KOTOR, and I'm a fan of the Star Wars universe. Regardless — we have our proper, fully fledged review of the game, which is good timing, because we're expecting to hear confirmation of the official Australian release date pretty soon.

Want to see the very definition of wasted money? I suggest you click on this link.

I'm intrigued by the fan made HD remake of Grim Fandango, I would love it if someone would kindly hook that thing to my veins. This is the PlayStation you never got to play, and this is some pretty incredible Mass Effect art.


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