A PS4 Reveal Would Be 'A Distraction' In 2012

Further solidifying the stance that we're not gonna hear anything about Sony's next console, Jack Tretton, the boss of Sony Computer Entertainment America, told IGN that we can rule out any PS4 reveal in 2012.

"I, quite frankly, would be very distracted if I had to be talking about next generation hardware this year," Tretton told IGN. "Right now, we're focused on PlayStation 3, and I've got [the PS Vita] to get out the door in seven days, so I don't want to be thinking about trying to launch new technology anytime soon."

Earlier reports had Sony shooting down rumours there would be a PS4 reveal at E3 this year, which is in June. Of course, since then, the code name for Microsoft's next console has been outed and rumours swirl that devkits already are on the way to top-of-the-line publishers.

In other no-kidding-really news, SCEA's marketing chief told GameTrailers TV that his kids were looking forward to Call of Duty on the Vita "in the autumn," adding that COD on Vita is "an absolute game changer for this platform." The series released a version on PSP last year along with the main title's launch.

Sony Chief Would Be 'Distracted' by PS4 in 2012 [IGN]


    I can see why Sony are supposedly not focusing on the PS4 yet. Sony are in a good enough position with the PS3 to be honest. They've still got good titles coming out and sales are still fairly strong. The Xbox 360 doesn't have any big titles anymore besides CoD, and the Wii has been dead for a quite a while.

      I agree with your wii statement (now that they have the token zelda game out) but your xbox statement is silly. xbox and PS get pretty much the same games +/- the few exclusive franchises. I'm pretty sure that content is pretty much equal these days. In fact, shortly after launch all those years ago it was PS that was playing catch up to xbox.

        No, Xbox's lineup as of 2010 has been reduced to Gears of War and shitty Kinect downloadables.

      Its not because sony is in a good position. Being last place and in the red for several years is hardly where a company would want to be in. Releasing a new console next year would not only cost billions more (Marketing and R&D) but it also means that the ps3 wont have the time it needs to make a profit (ie more money made then they invested in it). On top of that the psp vita is looking pretty weak sales wise (At the moment). So no sony is in a crap position (on a corporate level).

      Wii dead? i know it currently has pitiful number of AAA games being released and Nintendo has practically abandoned it, but its still selling and making Nintendo a tidy profit. Hardly dead. Maybe slowing down but its still there. Its still moving units.

    Yeah and having gone from first to market with the world beating ps2 to last to market with the ps3, I think they can tell which side of that equation Sony want to be on. Even if sales are still strong, that doesn't mean a ps4 shouldn't be well and truly on the cards if they don't want to end up last out again. Ps2 sales were still strong way after the ps3 was released no?

      PS2 sales are still strong :P

      its the unkillable console!

      I'd buy another, but my launch day console from over a decade ago is still going strong!

    They probably have the PS4 well along in development, but they're hardly going to shift everyone's attention to that with the imminent release of the Vita.

    I just hope they've learned their lesson and don't release an overpriced console that they make a loss on.

    I honestly hope that no next gen systems come out till at least 2016. I can't afford new ones and as a console gamer, im satisfied with the current tech and graphics

      I hope the PS4 comes out soon and that people like you who can't afford it etc can just not buy it till you actually can/want to rather than Sony being late to the party and then have to play catchup to MS and Ninetendo and as a result me sticky with a ps3 for longer as it becomes more dated.

    PS3 is just hitting its stride after all.

    That link goes to a DS COD not a PSP COD.

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