Alan Wake's PC Version Pays For Itself In 48 Hours

The PC version of the 2010 Xbox 360 exclusive Alan Wake has broken even in just two days, said a Remedy producer on the game's official forums.

"We very happy with the sales and hitting #1 on Steam at launch was nothing short of amazing," wrote Remedy's Aki Järvilehto. "We recouped our development and marketing expenses during the first 48 hours. And yes, we're certainly very excited about PC."

That's certainly heartening news for PC gamers who'd like to see ports of other successful Xbox games. Come on Rockstar, all eyes are on you… I know a good number of members of the glorious PC gaming master race who'd love to finally try out Red Dead Redemption

Alan Wake Forums [Official Site via Edge Online]


    Remedy releasing a game on PC? I'll buy it.

    Rockstar releasing a game on PC? mmm... is it on sale for less than 10 bucks?

      This, well said sir.

    Fantastic news. I think the fact that they did an excellent job had something to do with it.

    I wasn't sure if I was going to pick this up on launch.

    But for $30 with developer commentary I didn't even have time to think before realising that throwing money at the screen has no effect.

    I still can't believe that a fairly big money developer had the balls to release a PC game at such a competitive price. I'm glad to see it worked for them. Although I suppose an even bigger achievement is that they somehow managed to release an XBox exclusive on the PC without GFWL.

      Actually I wish it had GFWL.. I definately preffer the acheivements system there, and its not overly hard to use. Only problem with GFWL is the fact I need to run both it and steam - otherwise its fine.

    It's good from what I've played so far, though I usuallu end up buying games like this on principal to encourage devs, and make up for my years of piracy in highschool and uni.

    So essentially they have just been shown that PC gaming still exists and now they will contemplate releasing titles on it in the future? I'll believe it when I see it..

    I debated whether or not I was going to buy this, assuming the $30 price tag was for the US and we'd see it for $70, then it was $29.99, then I tried to tell myself I'm not that big on survival horror-y games and it'd be there in a few months, and found out it was a collectors edition for a limited time with dev commentary (which should be in more games!). Then I told myself it was probably an average PC port, only to have a bunch of reviews (from mostly trustoworthy sources) tell me it's one of the best console to PC ports around.

    ..Then i bought the game. Yay!
    Also go Remedy, great PC adaption, beautiful game, perfect price point, hell probably worth more.

    Surprise to surprise. PC has a gaming install base much larger than any console market.

    The fact that they made their development money back in 48 hours, from a game thats esentially 2 years old, for a greatly reduced sale price says a lot fo the game, or perhaps for the sale price of games in general!

    Wasn't the reason they weren't going to release it initially because of piracy on the PC? LOL! Think how much money they COULD have made it they released it back when it was released on console.

      You have misunderstood.

      They have recouped the costs of development for the PC __PORT__.

      NOT the (very large) costs of development for the overall game.

      Although Microsoft Game Studios provided some very lame excuses for the lack of PC version at the time, Remedy's concern about PC piracy was entirely valid.

      Oh, and BTW, the game is GREAT. It's a mature adventure-shooter, and is strongly recommended for everyone who wants something different, and dark.

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