Apple Will Reveal A New iPad Next Week

Apple will unveil the next iPad on March 7 in San Francisco, it said today in an emailed invitation to press.

Our sister site Gizmodo reports that the new device could feature a 2048×1536 resolution Retina Display and a quad-core A6 processor, which would make it particularly appealing to video game fans. More processing power could help the new tablet compete with Nintendo's 3DS and Sony's recently-released PlayStation Vita in the realm of portable gaming.

The Retina Display, a crisp resolution enhancement that has made appearances on the iPod Touch, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S, could make high-definition iPad games look even better.

Apple Will Announce the Next iPad on March 7 [Gizmodo]


    You know for a fact that it's an iPad?

      well they did say "reveal the next iPad" so yeah i'd say that's affirmative

    I honestly think that speculated resolution is rubbish - in the desktop world it takes a $300+ graphics board that draws significant current to be able to drive a professional 27" 2540x1440 LCD at a reasonable (not performant!) rate - that's 3.6Million pixels it has to update per full screen update. I have one of these panels at work and my 2011 model macbook pro struggles with it when rendering 3d.

    This '2048x1536' would have just a hair under that at the 3 Million mark. iPads have to be reasonably conservative with power (or else they'd just have short battery spans like the 3DS and Vita) and you want them to drive a display that's going to require significantly more pixels pushed and hence requires significantly more processing power? I can see them upping the core count to 4, I can see them bumping the resolution slightly, but a 4x increase is almost certainly not going to happen, and if it does, it will involve a sacrifice somewhere - 3d may be pixel doubled, or some other allowance made to reduce the overhead.

    If i were to pick between 10 hour battery life or retina display with 6 hour battery life. I would go for 10 hour battery life anytime.

    My only hope for new iPad is for it to able to accept SD card or USB port without additional accessories. On the other hand, the chances of this happening is very very slim.

      SD, USB.. it all seems so 20th Century, C'mon lets get everything wireless dammit! :D

    I'm pretty happy with my iPad2 as a media consumption device.. and not keen to upgrade it yet.

    I'm much more looking forward to another big release that day (March 8th for Oz).. MASS EFFECT 3

    Unless someone somewhere has let something slip in the meantime, every article I've seen on this today has said that it *hasn't* been specifically announced, but evidence (eg, The picture of the corner of an iPad) points to the announcement of the next iPad.

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