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You folks have any burning questions? About anything? This is Ask Me Stuff, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave me a question in the comments below and I’ll endeavour to answer it before the day is out.


    Has Mark made any progress with the top secret investigation I emailed him about last week? Has he gone undercover yet? I've can lend him some of those little plastic glasses with the false nose and moustache if he thinks it'll help.

      *looks confused*

      I'll get Mark to come and look at this.

      I have. I'm waiting for Sony to get back to me.

      Might as well talk it out. I contacted EA, who pretty much said, 'this is Sony's problem.' Took it to Sony, who have, genuinely, said they'll speak to the server people. I'm still waiting for people to get back to me, but I chased it yesterday and was told I should get some sort of answer in the next couple of days.

        Cool - thanks, Mark!

        As long as some relevant person somewhere knows there is a problem and is actually doing something about it.

        BTW - let me know if you still need the disguise glasses.

    Tracey,what PS2 classics would you want to see on the Playstation Store?

      Hmmm... Kingdom Hearts and Metal Gear Solid 2! I didn't get the chance to play many PS2 games because I didn't own many... this was when games cost $100 a pop and I was still at school, so we only ever had a handful of games.

      I would have also said Final Fantasy X but I tried to replay that on PS2 not too long ago and I just wanted to punch Tidus in the face, so maybe I don't want to play it again...

        You should get the Metal Gear HD collection, probably the best for value that we've seen so far, as far as these HD classics go. You'd think they could've fit MGS on the disc as well though.

    I'm 5 episodes through Boardwalk Empire and I'm bored outta my skull... what does everyone see in 1920's gangsters that I don't?

    Still going to give it to the end of the first season, I've been fooled before by slow starting shows.

      Agreed! I got through the first episode and was glad that it ended!

      I totally do NOT understand you guys.

        I'm in the same non understanding boat.
        Boardwalk empire is... it's just good alright.

    Do random improbabilities make everything better?
    For example, if Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 had a level where you're fighting off a horde of giant rainbow coloured bunnies, would that make you want to play it? :P

      I would be curious! But I imagine the novelty would wear off pretty quickly.

        What if (wait for it, this will blow your mind) the guns shot Skittles?
        And smoke grenades don't give off smoke, but shoot confetti everywhere instead, confusing the baddies and allow you to shoot skittles at their faces and get 'mouthshots'. Also, sour skittles are more effective than normal ones :P
        Anyway, one of the other levels would involve protecting a transport that's carrying the Gold Armrest of Power from sneaky gorilla ninjas wielding bananas (katana, banana, geddit? :P). The gorillas want the the armest so they can complete their throne and take over the world. And then they'll make everyone pay taxes to them in the form of chocolate flavoured scrambled eggs.
        I'd call it Call Of Duty: What Is This I Don't Even, or COD:WITIDE for short. :P

          Well that changes EVERYTHING. GAME OF THE YEAR!!!!11111oneoneone

    Voice control will be getting a big push in the next generation of consoles I think, moreso than motion controls this generation.

    Do you think people will warm to it?

      I'm not sure if people will warm to it, but I probably won't, just as a personal preference thing. Gaming has always been a solitary and silent activity for me... it's where I sit down, zone out, and focus on the screen, allowing the game to make all the noises. I don't want to have to start engaging with a game outside of button-pressing and clicking. Maybe I am just *really* lazy...

    Tracey what game is that title screen shot from?To me it looks like commamder Sheppard is contemplating head-slaming old Snake from M.G.S.4.

      Alpha Protocol

        Oh, I actually picked that up for $3 on the last steam sale but have'nt tried it yet.Is it any good?

          Totally. Vastly underrated game - I loved it. There's a handful of fixes for the mouse aiming and other such console->PC imperfections too, if you find you are having troubles like that.

            Disagree, I attempted to play it but was bored shitless by it's lameness, the lack of AI, the lackluster control scheme and the terrible hacking minigame.

    Any truth to the rumour for Valkyria Chronicles 4 for the PS3? Or a HD conversion of VC2&3 for the PS3?

      This is the first I'm hearing of this rumour, but man I hope both of those are true! xD

      All rumour and speculation at this point. There have been no announcements made.

    Why are people so unkind?

        Do you google most questions for an answer?

          Magic 8-ball, baby.

    Tracey, is Mark still as hard to understand when he's excited as he was when we used to play Cod4 together ;)

    Is there any excitement for the Vita in the Allure offices or is it more of a resigned, general "meh" about its launch like the rest of the industry seems to feel?

      I think it will be neat to have one in the office so we can try it out, but no, we don't have erections for it. This is hardware that plays games ... unless it also makes lunch and comes with a honey port, we'll just sit here, calm and chipper.

        Tracey, that has to be the best description of over hyping a product ever.

        Also, the immature person in me giggled because you said erection :)

        female erections, now there's a concept

          I believe they're known as ladyboners.

    Why is it you ask us to ask you stuff and then you only answer 3 questions, 1 of them weren't even for you...?

      "Leave me a question in the comments below and I’ll endeavour to answer it before the day is out."
      It's not even noon yet ;)

        I only read the first line in anything written. 2nd line is usually waste of time.. :P

      "I’ll endeavour to answer it before the day is out" does not equal I will camp on this post and do no work. :P

    Hi Tracey,

    With many old titles/series getting the HD makeover/ported to iOS etc. etc., what old titles or series would you love to see get resurrected for 'this' generation?

    OMG I just said this generation. I'm getting old. Let's just pretend I was talking about console generations, ok?

      There are SO MANY JRPGS that could do with a HD remake. I'll admit I never got through much of FFVII because I was put-off by the graphics, so I would love a HD remake of it.

      Also, Crash Bandicoot! All of them!

        Why no Spyro love?

          That did cross my mind but I thought "We have Skylanders now and they're a bit similar I guess?"

            Except that Spyro can' t jump in Skylanders....
            Also, one is a platformer, the other is basically an RPG.

            Sorry if I come off as rude.

              Also one has those toy things. Man, I do not want toy things!

      Dark Forces. Give me a Dark Forces HD remake and I'll be a happy man. As long as they don't put Jar Jar in it... :P

        They can put Jar Jar in it, as long as you can shoot him.

    What's you're favourite sushi and food to get from an asian dumpling style place... I always order the same thing because I know it's going to taste good.. (salmon hand roll, peaking duck hand roll, crispy chicken hand roll, tuna hand roll..... and then either pork steamed dumplings or chilli beef and rice)

    What does it actually mean when a game gets a discount shortly after release? It is because the game isn't selling or the retailer wants to sell more of that game because it's doing well?

    For example, both Soul Calibur V and FF13-2 are hovering around the $60 mark less than a month after release. Why? Also, a game like DX:HR, that game sold well, but it went down in price to about $50 shortly after release.

    Hey Tracey, have you seen these batman motorcycle suits?

      Hot! Literally. Like, you would sweat like a champagne ham in that thing. Hot hot hot!

    Are there any game retailers doing any trade in promotions to put toward a new game? Namely trade two titles and get Mass Effect 3 for like free?

    When we get a kotaku review can we please have it done by Kotaku AU staff rather than a reprint of the Kotaku american ones. Would much rather read a review done by local staff of the version of site I read.

      I think Mark hates writing game reviews with a burning passion or something? :P

    When is Shadowman going to be HD'ed for XBLA or PS store or remade for the 3DS? Also who owns the rights to it now that Acclaim are kaput?

    The horror.... I embrace it.

    What are the chances of the Vita breaking street date ?

    Do you guys happen to know what the PSN download prices of Vita games will be as opposed to buying them from the store ?

    Many thanks Trace ! eheheheh

      Often it's big retailers like Target that break street date, and since the Vita isn't being stocked outside of specialist stores it seems unlikely that it will break street date. I don't think the hype surrounding the Vita is as great as the hype that has surrounded certain AAA games, so I am not sure it will happen. But hey, I'm willing to be surprised.

    What's the hivemind's opinion on Ask Me Stuff? As something that's been posted -at least sporadically- since 2009, it's quite a venerable regular. Do you appreciate the part that it has had in KotakAU history, or is it just a thing that you post because you should? I'm going to assume that you enjoy answering questions, so which are your favourite types(eg. those that pick your brain, those about the "industry" etc. etc.)?

    Secondly, pants?

      I think it's a fun way for us to interact with readers. Mark and I can't really keep up with TAY and we try to keep discussion in comments relevant to the article, so Ask Me Stuff is the more controlled TAY where you can ask a silly question or something more serious. We assume that people enjoy it because they ask questions, so there's no harm in continuing to run the post. :)

      As for pants: NO PANTS TODAY! Pretty dresses for EVERY BAWDY!

        Does Mark really have the legs to pull that off?

          Sidenote, when I worked at 7-11 (many moons ago), we were required to wear name tags.

          The store didn't issue name tags to new employees, so we just grabbed a random one. More often than not, I'd end up with a girl's name like Anna. Someone would always ask if that was my real name and my response was always "I don't really have the legs to pull off a name like that."

        Cheers, now I have an image of Mark in a dress.

        I can think of far worse things.

    Tracey (or whoever can answer),

    What games are available on the PS store as far as PSone and PS2 goes?
    I would get a vita to play games like crash bandicoot, spyro and road rash.

      We're in the same boat, for the most part, as the European region. Very limited selection if you're an Australian user. Plus, they cost more. I recommend creating a US account and buying prepaid US PSN cards. Far better range and discounts in general, plus you get PS2 Classics (I think they're bringing them across to the Australian store soon, though).

        Oh man thanks for the trip down memory lane!

        Cool boarders! brings back memories haha

        Yeah i was thinking about the US account and Ynefel was talking about it being the better option anyway

    1. Tag mishap

    2. Last week question didn't get answered:

    Do you accept the premise that in recent years, nationwide productivity has declined at approximately the same rate that Kotaku increased in awesome? How do you account for this economic drain, morally-speaking?

      1. Oh lolz. Just keeping you on your toes!

      2. Kotaku Australia declines to comment.

    Also while I'm at it, how popular are the Allure group of websites, in particular kotaku and gizmodo?

    In terms of page views or comments or whichever statistic seems more relevant.

    Always wondered, as there are a quite a few regulars (from their comments) but you never know how many views the sites get.

    Tracey / Mark. We have 2 similar MMOs on the radar, i of course am talking about TERA and GUILD WARS 2.

    I played a little of the TERA closed beta and though it was alright, i do like the combat, but i was a little worried about there being so few healers and tanks, of 9 classes, my understanding is that the lancer is the best tank, and the berzerker or warrior have some potential?

    Guild Wars 2 has been on my radar for a long time. And i viewed Mike Faheys post about it, and watched some of the yogscast on youtube, as only press were invited, did any of you get to play it? and if so, what were your impressions?

    My only concern is that class heal, that everyone gets, seems to have an awfully short cool down.

    I would love to hear thoughts (From everyone, not just Kotaku) on these 2 MMOs. I'm really leaning to GW2 at the moment.

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