Be Good At Modern Warfare 3 And Win $2000

Be Good At Modern Warfare 3 And Win $2000

If you fancy yourself a whiz with the M4A1, a crack shot with a .50 cal or your team’s designated tree cutter when a MK46 is in your hands, Southern Event Management is giving you the opportunity to put your skills to the test in a bid to collect a cool $2000. All you have to do is play lots and lots of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

You’ll also need to live in Melbourne, or have some way of getting down here. The melee starts in Chelsea (a bit over 30km from the city) on February 25, with tournaments running all the way up to June 16. The decider will be fought on June 30 at a yet-to-be-determined location.

The entry fee is $40, and payments look like they must be made via PayPal.

As an aside, my definition of Melbourne and that of the organiser’s differs greatly — Frankston, Shepparton, Ballarat and Geelong are hardly “Melbourne”. Heck, Shepparton’s almost 200km away from the CBD! Then again, I live on Flinders St, so I might just be a city snob (which I’ll happily admit).

Perhaps it’s the fringes where all the Modern Warfare 3 action happens, though I suspect it has more to do with hiring venues that support large amounts of people and the 360s and TVs they’ll be playing on without having to own an enchanted money fountain.

2012 SEM Xbox 360 CoD MW3 Tournaments [Southern Event Management, via Visit Melbourne]


      • I gotta agree with Puppy here. I was thinking “scam” as I was reading the article.
        First indicator: 2k prize for a $40 entry? thats a pretty high price for a low prize.

        2nd: the tournament runs from Feb till June 30? thats a loooong tournament.

        3rd: yet-to-be-determined location. doesnt sound dodgy at all.

  • yeah would want to hear from someone who actually knows the organizers before i trusted this. Would be an easy way to cash in thats for sure.

    • Wait a sec isn’t the ONLY advantage’ colnoses have over PCs that the platform is fixed’? Devs can optimize code to an extreme degree because every XBox360 is the exact same. Exact same memory, exact same chipset, exact same CPU, arranged in the exact same manner. So the games are tightly enough optimized that they look competitive vs modern PC capabilities, despite running hardware that would be obsolete in a PC gaming box.If you take that sameness’ away from them ?

  • Thankyou so much for your questions regarding our upcoming Xbox 360 MW3 tournaments and for bringing your story on to our attention.

    I can definitely vouch for our legitimacy and hope to allay any fears of scamming. Perhaps if anyone is sceptical (I would be as a prospective entrant) they may want to attend the first round as a spectator and decide for themselves from there, we are quite happy to meet with or chat over the phone with anyone at anytime (our other full time jobs permitting). Luke and I are two ordinary people having a go at something we both enjoy and can see a demand for throughout Victoria. Neither of us pretend to be expert gamers but we will provide competitions to cater for those that hope to achieve that status, and welcome any input and suggestions from competitors and gamers.

    Our Event Management business is new and not many will be very familiar with us yet. The business (Southern Event Management) has been recently formed with my Sporting Event Management experience (in a completely different field from console gaming altogether) admin, promotional and sales experience combined with my business partners (Luke Selby) life long passion for console gaming and business management experience in mind.

    As we are new to this type of event we expect to make mistakes along the way (hopefully not too many or too disastrous) but hope to grow this event into a fun yet competitive console gaming sporting circuit We also have strongly in mind the need for a social outlet for teens and the interest shown by people in the disability client services field has been very encouraging. Due to the large number of under 18’s currently interested in this event our venues will be alcohol free and accessible by public transport in safe environments. Both Luke and myself hold current working with children checks.

    The first round of the tournament will be quite basic but we hope to add teams events and other game events along the way. The first tournament main focus is MW3 but there will be fun competitions held at the same time and we will improve and grow our tournament rounds as we go. Having said that we need to start somewhere! Our intention is most certainly not to cash in on this type of event and we will return support from entrants with larger prize money pools and bigger and better events.

    Payment for the events can be made by PayPal, direct deposit and money order which is to protect parties on both sides with a recordable, convenient, simple and safe method of transacting payments for pre-entries.

    Regarding location of events it states on the home page of our website that “…Southern Event Management provides a circuit of public venues throughout Melbourne and country Victoria where gamers of all kinds are welcome to congregate and indulge in their gaming passion in a friendly competitive environment…“ Being a self confessed country Victorian I am positive my definition of Melbourne differs from someone hailing from Flinders Street! It is one of our goals to make our events accessible to Victorians from many different locations and we certainly have a social aim of getting gamers together in one place where they can meet like minded people with a shared passion and interest. We are yet to set a location for the final until we receive input from people attending the rounds and can choose the most accessible and convenient location for the final.

    For those that just love gaming but aren’t particularly good at it, we would love to hear from you and are quite happy to include a wooden spooner award. I personally would be completely in the running for that one.

    I hope I have dealt with some of your fears and as our enchanted money fountain is currently out of order we hope to see support for this event so that we can keep it going and make it proudly and uniquely Australian.

    King regards

    Jenni Vraca
    Southern Event Management
    Ph. 0447 214 824

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