Community Kudos

Welcome to this week's Community Kudos, where the delightful members of the Kotaku Community gift each other with kudos!

Mark has had the past few days off sick. We think he as The Scabies. We tried to diagnose him on Wednesday because we are all evidently doctors, but our findings were inconclusive (our Gizmodo friends suggested that the bacon milkshake he drank may have had something to do with it). Our beloved editor has assured us that he will be fine, so I guess the sympathy stops right here and the Community Kudos starts right now!

Our first nom of the day comes from Welbot, whose nom goes to Aidan Dullard. This nom is for Aidan taking time out of his trip to Shanghai to visit a "super awesome computer mart" to buy Welbot some electronic goodies. Welbot says: "He totally didn't have to do that, especially since he had no intention of going there in the first place, but he did!!! How supremely awesome is that!! World wide Kotaku love!!! w00t!" W00t indeed, Welbot. W00t indeed.

Virus__ has nommed Scree: "Why? Cause she's awesome, well not only that! But what she has done for her cousin insert_username_here aka Miniscree, to help her with the high school bullies etc is so good of her. Makes me wish I had someone like that in high school to help me with the bullies! So yeah I thought that was really deserving since it makes me happy to see someone helping someone who is being bullied get through it!"

The lovely lady Strange has a nom for someone who isn't a regular TAYbie! She is nominating Ynefel for the following reason: "I've gone for someone who doesn't frequent TAY but who comments frequently on articles. I may not always agree with them, but they do consistently manage to get their point across without attacking any person/s with an opposing view which is something I applaud, and their comments in general are worthwhile and interesting." I completely agree with Strange — readers who can articulate their ideas without attacking anyone or being unreasonable are a big part of what makes this community awesome, so props to Ynefel!

Steve-O has decided to confuse me with his nom. He has nominated Rocketwoman (who is sending him a Game Boy for free!), Rocketgirl and Rocketlass. I... I don't know what is happening.

Gingerchris86 has a whole bunch of noms to hand out! First, he noms myself and Ben White for moderating comments and picking up on the issues of the filter today. Thanks Ginger Chris Fail Fool Ass Mass Effect Ass Effect Fail fail Fool Fool! (Those last parts weren't directed at you, by the way.) He has additional noms for Tigerion, who helped him with places to hold the Melbourne meat, and the following Taybies for keeping him sane of a night time: Blaghsy, Rocket, Freyr, Bish, Steve-O, Tech_Knight, Gorzy, Jo, F4ction, Pyrean, Trjn, and other teamspeakers.

Effluvium Boy noms Jordaan Mylonas! Jordaan is another commenter who doesn't take part in in the madness that is TAY, but Effluvium Boy still thinks he is deserving of a nom because: "I just find that he/she is one of a number of community members who make the effort to post well thought out comments in a variety of articles. I don’t always agree with his/her opinion, but I value it." That is definitely the god darn spirit! An honourable mention goes to Lamboperson007 for the following reason: "It’s possible that he/she felt a little under pressure during some of the more intense discussions in TAY this week, but he/she dealt with it like a champ. Kudos to him/her. Major fist-bumpage. (Also, he/she’s no longer the youngest in the family, so might be feeling a little starved of attention)"

NovaCascade is nomming Fled (delicious!) for giving him a few things in Terraria. He says: "Might not have seemed like a lot to him, but it really made the game take off for me. I've now put more hours into it than Skyrim." Whoa. He continues: "I also want to give a general nom to everyone in TAY. There was a big discussion this week about religion/atheism, and while on most other sites this would descend into a giant flame war, everyone kept it very civil, no name calling, everyone's opinions were respected. So good job to everyone. Have a good weekend, and tell Mark he should have known better. *shakes head* Bacon milkshake... Honestly."

Finally, we have a nom from Scree! Scree is nomming Shane, first for sending her both copies of his books to give to AlphaProspector. "Second because even though I told him I didn't get paid until Tuesday he still sent them. Third because he contacted Mark on AlphaProspectors behalf without anyone asking him to. 4thly because he's awesome. Well the whole community is awesome, but shh."

As usual the community has been lovely this week, and after looking at all the noms I have decided to award it to Ynefel. If you can be outspoken and opinionated but still be respectful and considerate, then that's something Kotaku recognises and appreciates. Congratulations on winning this week's kudos! Send me an email with your postal details, please!

Everyone else — have a safe weekend!

ALSO: We are still having a few problems with our word filter. I am so sorry if it is disrupting conversation — we are working on a solution that will appease everyone. In the mean time try not to use the words "fool" or "fail" and your post should go straight through. Failing that (lol fail), Logan will be on hand to moderate. Apologies for the inconvenience!


    You know Tracey, I don't think there are nearly enough Strange tags in there, I'm just saying.

    What's that? Oh yeah, congratulations Ynefel, good to see someone outside TAY winning Kudos!

      I have added more tags. Strangely sufficient??

        I dunno, I think it could be... Stranger. I'm just saying.

    My noms aren't there :(

      Oops! Sorry Effluvium Boy! I accidentally put your email in the folder that was directly under "Community Kudos" so when I went to access it your email wasn't there. It should be in the post now!

      If you sent it to Tracey and she didn't reply, then it was eaten by the Spaminator. Hey, are YOU the Spaminator? I seem to recall somebody that may have been you eating Spam straight from the can.

      So yes, anyway...Tracey always responds, so if she didn't assume your poor little mail didn't make it.

    Grats everyone
    Great community.
    On another note - is there a steam group for all these lovely people?

      There is! I'd like to help you more, but I'm not very good at that. I think it's just the "Kotaku Australia" steam group.

      Congrats Ynefel

    Nice tags!

    What's this filter kerfuffle? I must investigate. TO TAY!

    (Also, congrats Ynefel!)

      Yay for Ynefel indeed!!!

      Kudos to you too though sire!!! Your efforts deserve the reward just as much!! Supremely appreciated!

      Having said that, given that Ynefel isn't a TAYbie per se, I bet he'd chuffed to get some recognition for his efforts! Have to commend a good little poster like that!

    I wonder if Ynefel will even see this?
    Congratulations, anyway. I'm glad you won!

    Also, the tags in Kudos always make me happy, no matter how many times I am or am not mentioned, and no matter how bad my week was. :D

      I'll track down one of his comments and see if he's used a valid email address -- if yes, I'll send him an email when I'm back at work next week. :)

    Many happy returns Ynefel!
    May your offspring be robust!

    (I... I don't know...)

    *child mode on*

    KUDOS 69!!!


    *child mode off*

    What the hell is a juice monkey?
    But still... 69.. tee-hee

    Woo! My kudos got through this week! Grats to everyone =D!

    & Loops, lolwut man XD

    I like that "fail" is on the word filter.
    Most people don't use it correctly anyway, so why not?

    Always good to see a new name. I also think Lambo carried himself extremely well. :-)

    This is why I love to read this site... the fact that it is a real community. As I am only a drifter in and out it is nice to know that one day when I invent a time machine I too will be able to comment more and be part of the community...

    Colour me impressed with this week winner - there are still people who read Kotaku for the articles!

    I don't comment much, but I love KotakuAU for the local writers/editors and especially the comments. You guys have a great community here.

    Congrats to ynefel! Well deserved.

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