Community Review: UFC Undisputed 3

Community Review: UFC Undisputed 3

Man, finally a Community Review for a game that I’ve actually played! It’s been a while coming…

Some context — I rather enjoyed the first UFC Undisputed and felt as though Yuke’s did a top job of juggling the smorgasbord of disciplines that is the world of Mixed Martial Arts. The second effort was in a similar vein, although made a few missteps.

UFC Undisputed 3? Well, oh boy, I’m enjoying it so far. The big addition is, undoubtedly, the introduction of Pride Rules — soccer kicks to the face, knees on the ground, all that career shortening stuff. I’m a fan. Yuke’s has put a lot into replicating an authentic ‘Pride’ experience: recreating the ring, the extravagant entrances, even going so far to ‘restat’ and ‘reskin’ fighters that were in their prime during Pride, such as Wanderlei Silva and Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua.

I can’t believe I’m writing this sentence, but UFC Undisputed 3 feels like a game made by fans for fans (oh gawd, I did just write that sentence…). Accommodations have been made for newbies to make the ground game side of things more palatable, but for the most part it’s a game made for those fully embroiled in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

My only niggling issue — and I’m sure it’s a question of resources — is that, post Fight Night Champion, I would have loved to see a narrative driven single player campaign in UFC Undisputed 3. In the same way that Fight Night Champion drew so effectively on the cliches of boxing cinema, the UFC Undisputed series would surely have a ball regurgitating the plotline of a movie like Warrior. And I would have a ball playing through it.

Maybe next year.

What did you guys think of UFC Undisputed 3? Let us know in the comments below.


  • I got a feeling we will be seeing this game in the bargain bin in about a month. So I’ll wait for that.

    So far it looks pretty good. They seem to want to improve that terrible career mode. So that’s a plus.

  • i don’t think i’ve seen a worse handling of DLC ever


    half the relive history style mode is locked until you download DLC. fine you think, but its not locked by the online pass

    and its on the disc

    and the DLC is free

    SO WHY THE ()#*%#()*%#()*#)(#*$()##()%# is it a download?

  • I haven’t played it, but I’ve got a bunch of mates who love UFC and consequently have all played Undisputed 3. They all seem to really enjoy it, and you’re right about it being by fans for fans, because they all really seem to pick up on small technical changes. The same friends all loved Fight Night Champion as well so I’d say you’re spot on.

  • Pretty sure I’ve said this in another Kotaku comments section already, but this is the best MMA game to date (and I’ve played almost all of them, bar the JP ones)

    Me and mates are going to use the Fight Camp online stuff to spar with eachother and get better for the harder AI modes.

    • Absolutely. Why else would they include Pride rules? 😀

      I must say I like them a lot more in-game than I did in real life. Some of the Pride matches got a bit much for me.

  • what a joke. if your looking to have fun playing carreer mode – don’t. why would they make it so u cant retry, they dont explain what ur doing wrong, and u cant practice – the training camps. just ruined the fun. you can’t build a decent character getting zeros and F’s on drills. this requires hours of experience to even have a clue what to do. i love mma and was extremely excited obout ufc3 release. i have fight night 4 and ea mma , i guess they will have to continue to give me my video fight fix until Dana fires his barber from designing his video games.

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