From Far Cry 3 To It’s A Wonderful Life, Dubstep Makes Everything Better

From Far Cry 3 To It’s A Wonderful Life, Dubstep Makes Everything Better

Far Cry fans the world over have gotten a fresh taste of Ubisoft’s coming open-world shooter via a trailer that was released yesterday.

It looks… well, as a known Far Cry 2 obsessive, I’m not quite ready to say how it looks. But I can talk about how it sounds, and it sure sounds dubsteppy to me.

Before we saw the full trailer, we got a short teaser which was called the “Stranded Teaser.”

In it, we hear that crazy guy from past trailers daring someone to shoot him. Then, someone gets shot! Was it him? Was it someone else? A guys eyes open and then


Here’s the teaser trailer.

Ubisoft has, of course, become quite enamoured of dubstep, using the distinctive music in several of their other game trailers. Fans of Far Cry 2 may have been a bit put off by the extreme drop at the end of this trailer — after all, that game had a distinctive, compelling soundtrack made up mostly of African chanting and string instruments.

Vox Games’ Justin McElroy, on the other hand, appears to have fallen in love with the idea, and has hilariously cut together a series of videos that… well… I’m not going to spoil them. Just watch (and listen) for yourself.

“The Princess Bride”

“You keep calling things dubstep. I do not think that word means what you think it means.”

“Little Rascals”

“I’ve got a drop, I’ve got a drop, I’ve got a drop, hey hey hey hey.”

“It’s a Wonderful Life”

“Every time a drop drops, a dubstep fan gets his wings.”

“Jerry Maguire”

Easily my favourite one.


    • No mate, you’re not the only one. I can’t wait for FarCry3 and I have no flipping idea what why or how any of these clips relate to it.

  • Noisia Machine Gun (16 Bit Remix) I used to play this tune out all the time when it first got released, can make a crowd go wild

    • Yup, and i think its entirely appropriate to the context of the video. If it was assasin’s creed or Rayman i’d have a pretty big issue with it.

      The same barbs could have been slung at trance at the height of its popularity or drum and bass 10 years ago. Its common music now peeps, its going to be used in marketing material and i think the above use is pretty great.

      to all: gitoverit

      ps Justin Mcelroy is hilarious and i love him.

      • well, i actually mean the tune is pretty great in the context of the ACTUAL trailer, the teaser is just the last snippet of the tune. It works well with the visuals.

      • I am a dnb Dj, and if someone was slinging shit at DnB 10 years ago they’d get hit, cause they were true rudebwoys back then 😛

  • I’m afraid I don’t follow.

    I guess I spend too much time listening to people who know how to play instruments and write lyrics.

    • “Rock music sucks ass, I guess I spend too much time listening to people who can actually compose a symphony and write operas.”

      Not my opinion, just something that comes to mind when people into rock diss electronic music.

      • I never mentioned rock. Jazz musicians play instruments. People who play classical music use instruments. I do listen to rock, and hip-hop, classical, jazz etc.

        What can I say? I don’t like music which is reminiscent of a car alarm.

          • So can consumer electronics, apparently. I might record 5 minutes of myself pushing buttons on my microwave and sell it with a cut of coke. It’s not music, but hey, who’s counting?

          • Ooh, electronic music and drug taking. Edgy.

            You don’t have to like any form of music you don’t like. It doesn’t stop being music to other people (and no, not all electronic music fans are into drugs).

          • Hah! This conversation was probably happening six decades ago before the internet was even invented. Except then it was about how these new-fangled electric guitars and this rock and/or roll and how it could never be legit music and was the work of the devil, etc.

          • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. FUCK dubstep. I don’t give a shit if people like to listen to that musically retarded garbage, but why the fuck is it EVERYWHERE? I can easily avoid what i think is bad music, but not goddamn dubstep. That’s what pisses me off about this shit.

            Dubstep is like a penis. It’s fine to have one. It’s fine to be proud of it, but please don’t whip it out in public and start waving it around.

  • Just FYI… irrational hate of a new(ish) genre of music that people younger than you like, does mean you’re getting old folks haha.

    I don’t mind dubstep in trailers or movies (I think it suits the Far Cry trailer well), but I wouldn’t spend money to see a DJ who plays it or buy a CD of itunes download of it.

  • Dubstep is HORRID. Its like listening to laser beams and dinosaurs.

    • confirmed for non-taker of recreational drugs. If you’re in a wonderful enough state, it FEELS like lazer beams and dinosaurs too haha

    • Please, I hate Jazz and Western but I don’t decry people that listen to it. I think Dubstep like any genre can be great if used properly. The Far Cry 3 trailer was one step too many for me but I think it fits perfectly in the Syndicate trailers.

      BTW Dino Riders was freaking awesome

  • so much elitism from people who probably exclusively listen to triple j and therefore think they have the market cornered on ‘good music’.

    And even worse, people saying, ‘omg brostep ruined dubstep listen to old stuff urz da werst’ – seriously, fucking get over yourselves.

    It works well in the trailers (assassins creed less so lol)

    Oh, and bangarang has some decent tracks – come at me, hipsters

      • honestly, dubstep is favourable to the cookie cutter indie bands that have become the mainstay of triple j’s programming since early 2010

      • Dude I hate to break this to you but triple J is a commercial radio station without the ads. Next you’re gonna say Pitchfork is underground.
        And hipsters don’t listen to dubstep, they listen to pussy folk stuff like Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes.
        If you’re gonna call people on their music tastes, at least get it right! 😛 So some people prefer stuff that isn’t what the majority listen to – it doesn’t make them elitist. I hate how now when anyone raises a contrary opinion to anything it’s like “OMG HATERZ GONNA HATE UR ALL MUSIC SNOBS U FUCKING HIPSTERS!!!11!!” Jeez, anyone who doesn’t listen to Celine Dion these days is an elitist hipster…

        • You completely misread my post, I’m saying hipsters DON’T listen to dubstep, which is precisely where the issues from – they all complain that dubstep is all same noise / instrument / synths whatever, while listening to 25 identical indie bands.

          Also misread – I’m implying that triple j is commercial (duh ;o), but people believe that listening to that makes them 100% correct on anything music related.

          On the last point, I agree with you – again, what i was saying haha



  • Is that was dubstep is (I had no idea!) sh!t back in my day I called it techno! And I still didn’t listen to it!

  • I love dub-step. Not every track, like every genre. There is tracks I love and tracks that I’d rather listen to something else.

  • As someone who has produced both electronic music and performed in a rock band I can tell you this. Electronic music is alot more challenging and musically rich then rock music. Sure, you can spend 5 years learning the guitar or the drums… but try learning 50,000 instruments because believe me, every synthesizer is different. And then theres the whole mastering process which most rock heads just send off for “someone with computers” to handle. Thats what makes the difference between amateurish music and professional music and 50% of the work is just in that. Anyone can make a melody. And @Jellyfish Id like to see you create a song with microwave button noises and fax machines and make it sound good. Because if you can Id say you are a bloody epic musician.

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