I Am Commander Shepard And These Are My Favourite Walls In The Universe

Australian start-up company Walls360 has collaborated with EA to create a line of life-size Mass Effect wall stickers. These are Commander Shepard's favourite walls.

Walls360 is a Las Vegas-based start-up founded by Yiying Lu, the Australian designer and artist best known for her design of the Twitter Fail Whale. Walls360 specialises in designing wall graphics that range from murals to posters to stickers.

For her most recent project, Yiying has teamed up with EA to create an extensive range of Mass Effect 3 wall stickers that are for sale to the public. Wall stickers start from $US10.

Walls360 has also designed a range of wall stickers and graphics for Battlefield 3, Tetris, and the game by an Australia studio we've profiled before, Little Space Heroes.

You can check out and shop the collection here.



    Not bad at all - some do look rather washed out, though.
    I know this is due to the original artwork, but wall grapics really need to be quite bold

    But, as i said, there is still some genuinely cool stuff there :)

    Sort of reminds me of cheap photograph cake decoration, sticks out to much.

      It's probably a bad idea to try and stick stickers to brick walls anyway! Smooth surfaces ftw!

        Yeah, I've put some vinyl wall art up in my kids' bedrooms and they actually look pretty good. The art is only as good as the surface you put it on so anywhere but a smooth surface would weird and cheap and wouldn't stay on for long anyway.

      They looked washed out, but there not. Mine came in 2 days ago and they look amazing. I dont think I will ever by a regular poster again. All my friends keep commenting on how good they look.

    Just the thing I need to spruce up the apartment. I'm pretty sure my wife will be ok with it, as long as we use the Femshep stickers.

    Hey look, the women are trying to cop a feel.

    Good thing they didn't post up Garrus.

    That Citadel one would look amazing on the back wall of my bedroom. Waking up to that vista every day would be pretty cool.

    So who's going to put the crotch right on the doorknob?

    gotta say the colors look a bit flat

    It's interesting how he is scowling, it makes me think he is really cool. They've really taken some creative risks with the badass jawline, stubble and shaved head. The space armour is nice touch too, how long before we see that get ripped that off?

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