Journey Hits The PlayStation Network In March

Journey Hits The PlayStation Network In March

Oh man oh man oh man. It’s finally happening! [Calms self, takes deep breath]. Alright, let’s start again — Journey, quite possibly my most anticipated game of 2012 finally has a proper release date, and that date is March 13 2012. Please, can someone just calmly hook this thing to my veins?

Journey will cost US$14.99 and will kick off this year’s Spring Fever event on PSN.

“With each game we create, we want to bring something truly unique and authentic to the user,” said Thatgamecompany’s Creative Director Jenova Chen, in a PlayStation Blog. “We want our players to experience something they have never felt before. Our first game for PSN was flOw in 2007, a meditative zen video game haiku. We followed that in 2009 with Flower, our video game version of a poem about the tension between urban bustle and natural serenity. Journey, our third game, is an interactive parable, an anonymous online adventure to experience a person’s life passage and their intersections with other’s.”

Chen claimed that Journey almost represents his team’s progress through development, and he’s pretty excited about releasing the game into the wild.

“So for us, the Journey in the game has also become a metaphor for the development process of the game itself,” said Chen. “Our team is very close to our own mountaintop; we are just a few short weeks away from letting the world experience what we’ve poured our hearts and souls into these last three years. I can’t describe how eager we are to let everyone finally play the game and hear about your experiences with it.”


  • Aussie date will then be, March 14th (or really early on the 15th), price will likely be around ~AU$15-19 based on the US price

  • I’ve seen you go all gushy over this game; but what’s so special about it?

    All I’ve seen is some unique art direction and ‘gameplay’ that consists of floating about…?

    • What’s special about it is the track record of the people who made it.

      If you watch video of Flower you’ll just see gameplay that consists of “floating about”, too. Watching and playing are very different things.

    • I think it’s the courage they’ve shown in trying build a completely different experience. It may not ultimately be a great game, but it is guaranteed to feel fresh. And for a jaded games enthusiast/journalist, that alone is a big deal.

  • I haven’t been excited about a PSN release ever, then this came along. I really cannot wait, hurry yourself here march 13.

  • Flower grabbed me by the short and curlies and didn’t let go until I got right to the end. It was the first ThatGameCompany game I sat down to play properly, and whilst I usually don’t recommend having your short and curlies grabbed, for Journey I think I’ll loosen my belt in preparation.
    Simply cannot wait to play this one. I’ve imposed somewhat of a media blackout since its announcement to keep the first playthrough fresh, surprising and utterly compelling.

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