Kill A Room Full Of People With Your Brain (For Fun)

This Darth Vader may not have James Earl Jones's wicked baritone or David Prowse's imposing height (or even Hayden Christensen's adolescent whine), but the evil overlord skills on display simply cannot be denied. It just goes to show: there's a little force-wielding maniac in all of us.

Seriously, how great would it be to be able to make the Imperial March start playing on cue like that? I'd walk through life terrifying everyone. Or at least repeatedly startling the cat.


    Except sadly its already proven you can't do *any* of this in the new starwars game *sigh*

    Still, it had Clint Howard, so bonus there :)

    Good ad, made me chuckle. Is it just me or did the girl sound like Asoka from the Clone Wars series?

    Until the Star Wars Kinekt thing popped up at the end, I thought it was an awesome Star Wars/River Tam crossover...

    I smiled at that and at the end

    The girl ruined it, trying to push a political message with a video game ad is lazy marketing.

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