Mass Effect Publisher Wants You To Make The UK Government 'Fess Up That Aliens Exist

In the far future of Mass Effect, the existence of alien life is a given, with Turian, Hanar and Asari intermingling with humans for decades. EA thinks that there's Life Out There and it also thinks that the British government is covering up knowledge of the little grey men who've visited our little mudball.

Or something like that.

Several Kotaku readers have sent in word of a petition — seemingly linked by this EA promo page — on the U.K. government's website demanding investigation and disclosure of extraterrestrial activity. Now, because anyone can start a petition, it's unclear how direct the linkage between EA and this one may be. Basically, it's a subplot straight out of the X-Files. But, the very real repercussion here is the possibility that, if this e-petition reaches 100,000 signatures, it could be debated in the House of Commons.

Look, EA: there are many pressing issues in the British Empire right now. The Greek debt crisis, NHS reform and the upcoming Olympics that London's hosting. Creating a fake groundswell of hype for a big-budget video in the halls of government just seems tacky. But EA's been here before, remember?

This smacks of the wanna-be-controversial campaigns EA mounted for Dante's Inferno and Dead Space 2. At the end of the day, those efforts at buzz-building didn't prevent the games at their centres from being what they were. An enquiry into aliens? That just seems desperate, guys.

Especially since everyone knows the arid climes of the American Southwest, because they remind them of home.

[Thanks, tipsters Jon and Dylan!]

UFO and Extraterrestrial Disclosure


    If they really liked those climates Australia would be overrun

    Aliens exist, that's not the problem. We have to petition the Alliance to admit the Reapers exist, man!

    Or, you could just not bother with any of this and buy the game.

    Quotable predicted thought from anyone in the relevant department: "Oh good God, will you people please stop sending waves of morons at us just so you can sell some video games? Pretending to work is hard enough as it is."

    Yeah, regardless of wether aliens exist or not, this sounds really dumb.

    Dem publicity stunts

    This is a waste of Parliament's time and UK taxpayer money. If the petition makes it to 10,000 signatories it will be put forward to the House of Commons to debate. The UK government is already open on this topic and regularly publishes records on UFO sightings to the public, as available from this address:

    Shame on Bioware for exploiting a government institution intended to give voice to the masses for their own viral marketing purposes. If they REALLY want to waste a government's resources with such a farcical endeavour, they could at the very least have done it locally in Canada.

    the have to ask the US for permission first

    Ohhhh. They actually sent up the weather balloons because they wanted to reach the alien market. Now that it failed, EA wants the research material so they can be more effective in their marketing to the extra terrestrial demographic.

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