Meet The Raspy Combatants Of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Hey, it almost seems like Capcom's using their upcoming shooter as a bullet-riddled metaphor for troublesome philosophical tension that pits private corporations vs. the Federal Government, right? Or it's just Left 4 Dead x 2, with its own sorts of mutated humans and beasts.

Either way, this trailer spotlights the individual members of the Umbrella and USS teams, showing off their roles on the battlefield. And those code names? Beltway? Party Girl? Hilarious.


    Wow. Seeing Birkin's G-virus mutation, Mr X and the Lickers just brought back so many memories. March can't come quick enough!

      IGN's preview didn't make it sound too good...

        Yeah, you can tell just by the gameplay clips.

        I'm guessing this is gonna be a 5.0 - 7.0 game.

        More than likely did not pay IGN for a good review. That seems to be the way it works lately.

    I played this last night at the Capcom showcase in Sydney, I'm actually surprised no-one from kotaku was there or that it wasn't even reported about on here.

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