MLG Will Give You Money (If You're Really Good At Mortal Kombat)

Major League Gaming was once the last Bastion of professional Halo, now it's moving its focus to other areas of competitive gaming, doing a decent job of establishing itself in the realm of Starcraft 2. Now it's looking to move in on fighting territory, but not with the game you might expect.

As opposed to going with the more popular Street Fighter IV or Marvel vs Capcom series, MLG's first announced fighter is Mortal Kombat, and its paying out a fair whack of cash to competitors.

A total of US$16,700 is in the prize pot for MLG's inaugural Mortal Kombat tournament at the Winter Championship, and is split into the following...

1st = $6,000 2nd = $3,600 3rd = $2,400 4th = $1,600 5th/6th = $1,000 7th/8th = $550

Of course, we still can't play Mortal Kombat here in Australia, but — slow news day, am I right guys?

It seems like a strange decision, although I'm sure MLG has its reasons, I would much prefer to see the team bring its production values to a Street Fighter IV tournament. Who knows, maybe there's still time for an announcement.

The event takes place in Columbus, March 25-27.

MLG Unveils $16,700 Prize Pool for Mortal Kombat at Winter Championships [SRK]


    For some reason the first thing i thought of was since this was written by Mark then the MLG must be doing the tournament down here, then got a mental image of everyone competing in the tournament before the power goes out and the AFP come bursting through the door and arresting everyone for playing a RC'd game

      I didn't think of that, but I would so go to that LAN just to see that :D

    Kind of makes sense, though.
    MK is a highly cinematic game, haven't heard any complaints about balance (except Shao Khan-so cheap!) and the dev team put alot of effort into making each character feel different to the others. This was my experience, although I am no fighting game connisuer.

      Actually, there was a lot of complaints about balance and exploits. But unlike say, Capcom that releases a new version of the game within the same year, they've been quietly updating and patching the game over the last year.

        Yeah I imagine that's probably been a major factor in deciding to go for MK - it's actually being patched to iron out the balance issues and exploits. It's actually quite a competitive game. MK is also part of EVO this year.

          they didn't choose capcom games because apparently MLG and capcom had a little bit of a fight with eachother.

          also, capcom does update it's fighters, they don't just release a new version like neo-kaiser said. Arcade Edition was a DLC update because it came with 4 more characters, and they just recently updated SSFIVAE to 2012 edition, which solved a lot of balance issues from Arcade Edition.

          Ultimate Marvel vs capcom had a few patches at the start to fix some balancing, and to add the free heroes and heralds mode as well.

          so please don't make assumptions that capcom charges everyone for its updates, makes new games instead of updating, and doesn't patch their games without doing some research.

    Except that capcom DO charge people for minor updates, and do release new versions of games when an update would be sufficient. So do YOUR research instead.

      whoa, calm the farm...

      the argument was that capcom don't update their games without having to pay for them, which they do, both street fighter and marvel do get balancing patches every once in a while.

      i mentioned that they did do paid updates, Arcade edition being one, but that came with 4 extra characters.

      and also, for the updates that are paid, please explain to me how they are minor? adding new characters, massive character balance and new stages, how could they not charge for that?

      so please, understand that i wasn't saying that Capcom doesn't make people pay for the updated versions of the games, my argument was that they don't make you pay for a few character tweak patches, which is what they were explaining that Mortal Kombat does.

      and as for my research? try having played the games since their release

        New characters and stages? Sure charge for that. But for balancing the game? Hell naw! It'd be like charging for bug fixes.

          the balancing is sort of an added bonus xD

          but all of capcoms other updates were you have had to pay money included characters and stages

          (i wouldn't have bought ultimate marvel 3 if it was all just balancing xD)

    How dare you post this article, Children could be reading it! O'HAIL THE GREAT NANNY STATE!

    Part of the reason they have Mortal Kombat is because Capcom clearly haven't been agreeable on licensing their game to anything with its own business plan. They have partnership with EVO and allow smaller events but I'm still surprised as to why they wouldn't allow it.

    MLG have had fighting games before with Tekken and Smash Bros.

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