Old Republic Has Action Figures Too, You Know

You've seen the Star Wars: the Old Republic LEGO from Toy Fair, now see the Star Wars: the Old Republic action figures from Toy Fair.

Don't get too worked up; these aren't large, premium figures, they're your standard-sized, over-priced, small-scale Star Wars figures from Hasbro, same as you've probably seen stacked around toy shelves the past decade or so.

Still, given those limitations, they're not bad! Keep an eye out for the bonus Starkiller figure from Force Unleashed II at the end.

All images courtesy of RebelScum.com!

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2012 International Toy Fair: Hasbro's Action Figures [RebelScum]


    Yeah, but where's the one that's supposed to look exactly like my main?

      You mean something similar to this? I think it'd be pretty awesome to see them, or another company, creating ToR characters. Who doesn't want their own personal jedi figure after all?

    malgus and starkiller ones look ok but the bounty hunter and trooper ones have stupid looking necks following the link it seems theres more with stupid necks there too

    one in red looks like starkiller

    I'd gladly pay a bit more and have a higher quality model.

    The one I got with SW:TOR was a lot nicer.

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