Reckoning’s Launch Trailer Should Prompt Much Chest-Beating

Reckoning’s Launch Trailer Should Prompt Much Chest-Beating

You can’t help but feel the inspiration watching this Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning launch trailer. The diehard voice-over does well to remind viewers that once this game drops on February 7, fate will be theirs to write.


  • Played the demo to get my mass effect 3 items and found myself enjoying this game. The fantasy setting for this game is very cliché as is the story.
    I did find myself enjoying it despite these flaws.

    • The dour story telling and the long unpronounceable words (Amalur, Alamur?) were a really poor marketing decision. I would have much preferred a ‘simpler’, more human story and maybe a bit of humour – some of the few aspects that they didn’t copy from Fable.

      As it is, I’ll probably wait for it in the bargain bin- a shame; but I’d think I’d be embarrassed to be seen playing it.

  • “A world like no other”? Two types of humans, gnomes with pink hair and an obsession with inventing, two types of elves (including a scantily clad one) in a fantasy 101 setting.


  • “It is too late for us, but not for you.” sounded more like an apology for being late for a dinner appointment. Still, seems a fun game. Worth trying the demo out anyway.

  • It is a world like no other – uh, there’s hardly an original aspect of this game

    Where you can lose your way – not really, the maps are linear and confined and there’s loads of invisible walls that contain you.

    Don’t get me wrong, the game looks like fun and I’ll probably buy it. But I don’t think the game’s originality or it’s vast open world are realistic selling points.

    • That’s EXACTLY what I’ve been telling people too.

      Of course, the starter areas of WoW sucked in millions of people and created the most profitable behemoth in gaming history, so I’m not exactly disappointed that the demo area felt exactly like being back in Westfall for the first time.

  • I swear I saw Durotar, Thousand Needles (before the flooding), Ashenvale, and Terokkar Forest in that trailer. Albeit with better graphics.

    • Considering that Curt Shilling played Everquest 1 and WoW and was also aloud by blizzard to promote the game at previous blizzcons >.>

  • I can’t wait for this game. I too played the demo and was blown away by the combat and strong focus on story.

    I also like the cartoonish art style. I’m more for this style of graphics over the realistic . Can’t wait for RECKONING!!

  • Took the demo for a spin on 360. It’s a generic in a box with eye-rollingly poor writing and voice acting. I do appreciate the ability to massacre friendly NPCs en masse when I get bored though.

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