Sunset Overdrive's Launch Trailer Is Surprisingly Traditional

So far I think Sunset Overdrive has had some fairly brilliant trailers. The E3 one, I thought, was the highlight of the Microsoft conference. It's pisstake of live action trailers was also pretty cool and innovative, despite the fact it was still... a live action... trailer. Sunset Overdrive has just released that final entry into the trailer trilogy: the launch trailer. And it's actually a little more traditional than I expected.

And that's fine. Nothing wrong with a good ol' launch trailer, it's just that Sunset Overdrive has done such an interesting job of positioning itself as a little more subversive with its marketing (urgh, I can't believe I wrote that sentence). Sure, this launch trailer breaks the fourth wall on a couple of occasions but it's actually a little banal otherwise.

Still, I'm keen to see how the game turns out.

Also: we wrote a fairly lengthy piece about Sunset Overdrive and its punk rock roots here.


    Hmm. I suspect they might be trying to speak through the hype a little and tell us what the game is like rather than springing it on us after purchase. I get the impression a lot of people feel like they should want to buy this game even though they don't really know what the game is.
    The game I'd compare it to is actually Lair. Like the early PS3 the XBOX One needs flags for it's users to rally under. Sunset Overdrive, like Lair, might not be quite mainstream enough to fill that role but it's getting extra attention as if it were.
    I like the look of it but it's got the attention of people who might load it up and think 'well, this is just stupid, I was told this was going to be a big deal game'. Communicating what the game is right now might help ensure those people are in the right mindset to process the game.

    Then again, maybe they just phoned this trailer in. =P

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      Yeah I get what you are saying. It's like they are going "Hey guys, we've had fun with these trailers but remember it's still a game, its not the solution to all the problems in the world." looks like a helluva time! Colour me excited.

    I'll probably pick it up after Pax - it looks like a lot of fun, but it's going to feel weird dusting off my XB1 to play it.

    I've never really got the hype for Sunset Overdrive. Apart from the obvious problem of not owning the relevant console, everything about the trailers and gameplay I've seen seem to be trying WAY too hard to be cool, irreverent and dare I say it, hip with the kids.

    Typing that last sentence made me feel so damn old.

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