Rumour: New Blizzard Game Will Be Free-To-Play

According to Develop, Blizzard may be experimenting with Free-to-play for an upcoming game.

That doesn't mean the studio is planning to abandon the subscription model it pioneered with World of Warcraft, but Develop are claiming that a source within the studio has informed them that at least one of its upcoming titles will use the Free-to-play model.

Blizzard did not officially comment on the rumour.

Free-to-play has proven to be an extremely lucrative model for developers — speaking to Halfbrick earlier this week, we were informed that its latest game, Machine Gun Jetpack, has been far more profitable now that its free-to-play.

Obviously it won't work for all games, but we expect to see more and more games released using the model.

New Blizzard game 'to be free-to-play' [Develop]


    oh crap, if they make a Starcraft MMO free to play my life is over :(

    Blizzard DOTA maybe?

      I think you are right.

    Starcraft II is already free to play, they could just be talking about the first SC2 expansions Heart of the Swarm.

      generally speaking, free to play actually means the game is intially "free" as in you dont pay a single cent to install the game.

      Instead, you pay real life money to buy things such as items, exp boosters, characters, etc.

      Starcraft 2 isnt free to play as you purchase the game to begin with, it just doesnt require a subscription to play online.

      How is SC2 free to play?

        There's a starter edition, you can play the first five missions in the campaign and multiplayer. Free to download, free to play, but you buy the full edition for the missions after the first five, which is where they start getting interesting.

          That's a glorified demo, it doesn't contain all the content from the paid release, even the multiplayer aspect is limited to only a couple of maps.

            So is half of the "free-to-play" stuff, depending on how broad your definition is.
            The only game I've played with a fully-featured "free-to-play" model, in which all content can be accessed free of charge, is team fortress two.

              League of Legends works quite well in the F2P model, as I'm sure many other games do as well.

              Don't call this F2P when it quite clearly isn't.

        This is How -

          That just looks like the old shareware model not the new play for free - which generally gives you access to everything however your development/progress is stunted unless you pay.

    Machine Gun Jetpack - Why did they choose Jetpack Joyride over that name!

    Like it or hate it. F2P is the new norm for many platforms. I just think about how many b grade MMO's in the last 10 years have turned a really good profit from this model. People who normally wouldn't get a game will play it, and while drunk or just desperate will break their normal "no paid items" rule. God knows i have been there.

    Add to thins the successes of things like weapon skins as dlc in games like gears of war, something that dont even add an advantage. Companies are seeing the worth in these small transactions, its easier to spend 80 bucks over 3 months than in one hit, we can justify a few bucks here and there WAY too easily.

    If anyone can succeed with a free to play it would be Blizzard....thank god I have a Mac otherwise I might be one of those guys who dies after 80 hours of playing straight

      What does having a Mac have to do with anything? All Blizzard games from recent memory have been released on OSX.

      Unless you mean being a Mac owner makes you too cool to get addicted to something for 80 hours?

    I'm pretty sure they're referring to Blizzard DOTA here...

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