Russian Builds Talking Scale Replica Of GLaDOS

At first, it's just neat. Then it moves and then... then it talks. I'm already having nightmares of a 1000 micro-GLaDOSes with tiny headcrab legs scuttling over my sleeping, prostrate body.

Its creator, a Russian with the username Liksys, spent an hour every night since Portal 2's release working on her. The clip was originally posted on a site called "Herd", but has just found its way onto Instructables (where I discovered it).

Going by a Google-translated version of the Herd post, the replica is 1:20 scale and built from accelerometers, servos and "thirty meters [of] conductive wire". It's fully programmable and can connect to a PC via USB. An SD card provides this miniature GLaDOS with her infamous phrases, but you could use it to store whatever sounds you felt like.

I've included a few images below, but more can be found in this album. As usual, you can click to expand them, though the originals aren't very big.

Rarita and GLaDOS [Herd (Russian), via Instructables]


    So the robot apocalypse starts in Russia! Start stocking up on tinned food NOW!

    I'm more afraid of these flying robots :

      Now. Now I'm afraid.

    never played portal but this is very cool would be a cool security camara that talks

      You really should. The original is a freaking STEAL at about $10!
      (And many mates and I HAD to finish it after the first part.)

      The sequel, EVEN BETTER AND BIGGER, scale and game length! With additional co-op story!

    Don't worry I'm waiting for the real thing to happen
    'i"ve been working on this machine an hour every night since The Terminator came out in the 80s!'

    What would be really neat is if it could load the animation files from the game and 'play' them back using its servos.

    I'm finding Iron Man 2's Whiplash more and more plausible now...

    GLaDOS led to her own creating wierd huh?
    p.s. how did you make that i must know

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