While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping, my dog was being handsome. Fancy that! While you were sleeping, the world of video games also kept moving, so to avoid falling behind, here's a round-up of the news that happened over the weekend!

Over the weekend Kotaku heard from sources that Firemint has faced a round of lay-offs, with up to 10 employees reportedly losing their jobs. It is believed that producers and artists are among those affected by the cuts.

Clones are common on music and movies — things sound the same, films steal each other's ideas — but what about video games? In light of recent accusations about Zynga cloning the games of other developers, we look into where the line is drawn when it comes to video game cloning.

We kick off the week with eye-candy in the form of these tasty screenshots, the PS Vita will cost Brazilian gamers an arm and a leg, and the Russians have built a scale replica of GLaDOS.

In short Firemint employees lose jobs, 10 gone so far A defense for video game cloning The week in unbelievably gorgeous screenshots PS Vita's Australian price isn't so bad Russian builds talking scale replica of GLaDOS


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