While You Were Sleeping

While you were sleeping, so were the puppies. Unlike the puppies, the video games slept not a wink! To keep you up-to-date with what happened while you were sleeping, here is a round-up of the news!

The makers of Minecraft are jamming this weekend — you vote on the genre of the game, they make it in a weekend, and all proceeds go to charity — neat, eh?

The US Kotaku reviewed Twisted Metal — their verdict? YES. The creator of Canabalt is involved in making an iOS game based on the Hunger Games book series, Mass Effect 3 is getting shot into space (although not really), and Journey gets a release date.

In short The Minecraft Studio is building a new game in one weekend Canabalt creator diving into the Hunger Games for iOS Twisted Metal: The Kotaku review They're sending copies of Mass Effect 3 into space next week Journey release date announced


    I've never seen fur like that on a rat...

      HUMPHREY IS NOT A RAT. (But yes that coat of fur sure is purdy!)

      And such a cute rat awwwww

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