Strange Loop's Vessel Hits Steam This Week

Back in November we had our first look at Vessel, the incredible physics-based water puzzler created by the Aussie-American studio, Strange Loop Games. The game finally arrives on Steam this Thursday, March 1, but you can pre-order it now!

Vessel is unlike any game we've seen before. Playing as M. Arkwright, you control and interact with Fluro, the liquid blobs that work with you to solve complex platform puzzles. The game's Vessel engine — which was built from the ground up by the Strange Loop team — allows the liquid creatures to demonstrate physics not seen in other video games.

The game is available for pre-order on PC, and all advance purchases received a 10% discount. It can be purchased via Steam or the official Strange Loop Games website. The game's Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network releases will be coming at a later date.


    Anyone else like the idea of a fluid-physics-based game being released on Steam?
    I'll be forking over my money when I next log on.

    There is another physics based puzzle platformer on steam for a while that is absolutely fantastic. It is called Rochard, it has a demo too i believe.

    I had to do a double-take when i saw the title of the article.
    "An article about me? i'm strange?.... ohhhh rrriggght... idiot.. yes..."

      You and Strange did WHAT with your vessel?

        Ahahahahaa! I almost clicked Report on that before I remembered the 'Report' button is not the 'Awesome' button. Why do we not have an Awesome button?

    I thought the article was announcing a remake of c64 arcade adventure strange loop. :'(

    Just bought!

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