Deathloop Is 60% Off So Live, Die, Repeat For Cheap

Deathloop Is 60% Off So Live, Die, Repeat For Cheap
Image: Arkane Studios / Bethesda
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If you sat out the initial launch of Deathloop and were waiting for a sale before you picked it up, your day has come. You can currently pick up the PS5 edition of Deathloop for an incredibly low $39. That’s just over 60% off the price of one of 2021’s biggest releases. Just in time for Christmas too.

If you prefer PC gaming, you can also pick up Deathloop for 50% off over at Steam – until December 14, at least.

Released back in September and created by Arkane Studios, Deathloop is a first-person shooter that it’s a cross between the developer’s previous Dishonoured games and Groundhog Day, with a Swinging Sixties-inspired aesthetic.

In Deathloop, you play as an assassin named Cole who is currently stuck in a time loop. Each morning you wake up on a mysterious island called Blackreef, where your mission is to take out eight targets before midnight strikes, as this is the only way to stop the loop from resetting.

You’re also being hunted by a mysterious woman known as Julianna, who seems aware of your loop and is hellbent on killing you every chance that she gets. To complete the “perfect loop”, you’ll need to explore Blackreef while learning the rhythms and patterns of its strange inhabitants. If at first you don’t succeed – which you won’t – die, die and try again.

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Image: Arkane Studios / Bethesda

Deathloop is a blast to play. While some might find the time loop mechanic a bit repetitive, once you get into the rhythm of it and embrace the patterns you can do some really fun things with that acquired knowledge.

If you’re someone who loves high-energy first-person shooters, Deathloop delivers in spades. In our review of the game, we had this to say:

Deathloop is a deeply kinetic game where everything feels at its best and most satisfying when you’re on the move, teleporting around cover and force-pushing people off rooftops. And as repetitious as it can be, the act of moving, shooting, and engineering the slaughter of dozens of costumed enemies is so exquisitely tuned that the mischief never loses its lively spark.

You can grab the PS5 edition of Deathloop for $39 here, and a cheap PC copy on Steam here. And if you’re feeling a bit stuck in-game, you can check out our tips for playing Deathloop here.

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