Study: Playing Medal Of Honor Is Good For Your Eyesight

The good news, EA can claim that 2010's Medal of Honor reboot can improve the eyesight of those who suffer from lifelong vision problems. The bad news: Researchers used it in a study where they didn't want players to become addicted to the gameplay.

The study, led by a researcher from McMaster University of Hamilton, Ontario, examined six patients with lifelong cataract disorders and had them play Medal of Honor for 40 hours over the course of the month. Gamers were asked to play the game for five days a week, for a maximum of two hours a day. The lead researcher set a time limit because she didn't want players becoming addicted.

After the prescribed period of gameplay, the study found the vision in five of the six patients showed improvement — they were able to read small print, make out faces better, and track moving dots.

"About two-thirds of the things we measured improved simply from playing an action video game," said the lead researcher, Daphne Maurer of McMaster. "The visual nervous system is still plastic enough to either form or reveal connections in adulthood ... and we suspect that might be true for any kind of visual defect."

The results were strong enough to cause Mauer's team to begin work on creating a vision-improving nonviolent video game.

Good news for gamers: video games can improve your eyesight [Digital Trends via Game Informer]


    I rocked at that game, ended up like 180/90th in the world

    But BF3 is the wave of the future!

      no real achievement nobody liked that game anyway. worst hit detection and recoil/muzzle climb EVER! also the fact that they always made you run through a choke point into a nice open area with zero cover with a giant hill infront of you filled to the brink with camping snipers resulting in pure death.

    There was something in the herald on the weekend about how playing Unreal Tournament was prescribed for those who have lazy eye. i'll see if I can dig up the story...

    Got it!

    Pretty awesome.

    Wondering if this will be added to the back-of-the-box bullet points on the next one.

    Unfortunately, the the effects were short-lived, as subjects then proceeded to gouge out their eyes to avoid being further subjected to such a crap game.

    Medal of Honor is a good game to choose if you don't want people to become addicted to gaming....

      Hahaha! Excellent!

    The MP was good. The problem was that there was so little variety in levels. It was essentially a Bad Company 2: Afghanistan pack.

      BC2 has much better graphics than MoH

      The multiplayer was NOT good. Weapons had such an insanely fast kill time, which basically leads to the game being connection based rather than skill-based. The maps were too small for a game running on a Battlefield formula. It reintroduced killstreaks which is one of the things that made BC2 good, and in this game they were incredibly overpowered anyway. That cruise missile required no skill at all, you just aim in the enemy's general direction and you win.

      It was the most twitch-based, campy game I've ever played. I'm notoriously bad at FPS games and I went 20-6 in my first game.

    The SP story wasn't bad (relative to all the modern day shooters) but the mechanics, bugs and all round bad design of the action just let the game down... God knows they didn't need that "Taliban" controversy either. If DICE made the SP campaign as well 'Rabbit' would probably still be alive.. Just make a hole in the wall with a grenade and escape!

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