The Dorkly Weekly: The Horrible Fate Of The Leftover Pokémon

The folks at Dorkly pride themselves on the ability to solve gaming's great unsolved mysteries. For example, if Ash choose Charmander and Gary chooses Squirtle, what happens to Bulbasaur?

Oh. Oh. That happens to Bulbasaur. I always suspected, but I guess I didn't really want to know. At least it's not animal cruelty; Bulbasaur is technically a plant. This is no worse than eating a salad.

A salad with eyes and a mouth.

And feelings.


    The best part is that the ending group is all the starters I never picked.

      But OSHAWOTT!

    This video has made me a sad panda now. I hope you're happy Mike!

      It made me said too :(

    This makes me glad that in Black & White after you and your rival pick pokemon your childhood friend comes and takes the third.

    makes me remember the glitch in red, green and blue where u could get all 3 starter pokemon :D.

    Funny (and sad) video, but I've seen that one before. Like, ages ago.

    Didnt kotaku already post this months ago?

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