The In And Outs Of Surviving In I Am Alive

Ubisoft Shanghai's upcoming adventure/survival game I Am Alive sure does look cool. Back when I saw the game a few months ago, I was impressed, with its gritty realism, and how it recalled Cormac McCarthy's The Road. Just the other day, Stephen checked it out and was equally impressed.

The video above walks you through the basics of survival in the game, where climbing is vital, yet it is important to keep an eye on your stamina at all times.

I Am Alive will be available digitally on March 7th.


    God i seriously cannot wait to see the final product!
    this game looks like it could be something amazing!


    Is he in a dark room?

    oh god im frosting my undies as i type this, hype is flowing out of my pockets.

    Man, a post-apocalyptic puzzle platformer with maybe some survival horror thrown in as well? Sounds amazing...

    I was disappointed to hear that this isn't free roam. Apart from Project Zomboid I've found no good free roam survival games...

      The dream lives on... and so we wait and we watch.

    No elevators? stuff climbing...... Don't buildings have stairwells too?

    Man I'm conflicted. I really would like to play this game but it's Ubisoft, and I don't want to let their filthy DRM touch me.

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