This Skyrim Mod Literally... Well, See For Yourself

This is an update to the Portal Core Space mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and it references the Meme Who Must Not Be Named. But it does so quite hilariously — and loudly. Turn your volume down before playing. It's not NSFW, just loud.

I especially like "Search Joke •Empty"

The Most Literal, and Best, Skyrim Mod to Date [Ripten]


    Whoever made this is amazing.

    Is the incorrect spelling of "references" part of the joke?

      it's incorrect?

      lol dirty hipster germs are mad


    i dont get

      "The flogging of the dead horse amuses me." - it's a reference to the old adage 'flogging a dead horse'.

    Bloody amazing.

    /v/ was here by the looks of it.

    Whoever made this didn't even get it right....

    It's IN the knee, not TO the knee.

      same shit.

    Ummm, NO... I have some funny mods, this won't be one of them

    I saw this mod on my first browsing of the Workshop. It made me chuckle slightly.

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