You Can't Help But Smile As Pinkie Pie Mercilessly Slaughters Her Enemies In Skyrim

Sometimes the Skyrim mods are so beautiful it's almost painful. Take on My Little Pony mod, video copious amounts of slaughter, add a happy song and you've got a recipe for... cupcakes?

To recreate this wonderous thing on your PC, just grab the Pony Weapons and armour mod at Skyrim Nexus, or grab the weapons and armor separately via the Steam Workshop.


    Awesome! and it alerted me to the release of a new

      On that note, Skyrim modders have all the resources to make a shack filled with mutilated woodland creatures and a sociopathic Fluttershy...oh dear.

    "There is one thing that makes me happy and my whole life worth whileeee!"

    Yeah, I bet there is Pinkie butcher xD

    Why did they mod in a character from a little girl's tv show?

      why not?

    Hah! Twilight is disappoint.

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