Want To Play Resident Evil 6 Early? Buy Dragon's Dogma

While Capcom's open-world action game Dragon's Dogma has attracted a fair amount of interest, it hasn't generated even a fraction of the buzz of say, a new Resident Evil game. Capcom helps it along by slipping a token for access to the Resident Evil 6 demo inside every copy of Dragon's Dogma.

To further demonstrate the popularity of Dragon's Dogma versus Resident Evil 6, I didn't feel the need to mention that Capcom also dated the action game for May 22 in North America (25 in Europe) in the headline, choosing instead to place it here so folks know when they'll be getting those vouchers.

Want to get into the demo faster than anyone else? Be an Xbox 360 owner. Xbox players will gain access to the Resident Evil 6 beta on July 3, while PlayStation 3 gamers will have to wait until September 4 (September 5 in Europe).

For those interested in Dragon's Dogma on its own merits, Capcom also revealed plans to support the game extensively through post-release downloadable content, and has set up cheesy retailer-specific preorder bonuses at GameStop, Best Buy and Amazon.

I'd say sales projections just went up.


    I'm a Resident Evil fan and I've never heard of Dragon's Dogma

      Now that I've looked at a trailer and read a bit - wow, looks great!

    I've been hyped about this one for a while but I'm glad to see the game get out of the crowded March lineup. I'm quite worried about the delay between PS3 & 360 demos. Something tells me 360 is lead this time around.

    Eh I would be buying Dragons Dogma regardless. Lost interest in RE after number 2, tried them all since but could never get back into them.

    Ahhhhh hahahaha so THATS how Capcom are getting people to buy Dragon's Dogma.

      Not to say DD looks bad or anything, but they have done VERY little marketing for the game lately.

    I had no idea about it. Going to be any gud?

    Cool hopefully I can get an early fix of Giraffe porn.

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