While You Were Sleeping

Man, my apartment is still leaking. That's what happened while I was sleeping. You know what else happened? Game stuff.

I've been meaning to continue my Skyrim game, now that I have nothing new I want to play, and it's stories like this that pull me back in. A Booksellers Video Game Lament — essentially it's a story about a major flaw in Skyrim's internal economy — but I truly believe that Skyrim is a game you play in spite of its faults. It's almost a part of the charm at this stage!

So Taiwan has a video game show now — this is the world we live in. You can check out some pics here. Featured: Yoshinori Ono sticking his tongue out and being eccentric.

This is relevant to my interests: apparently Naughty Dog considered making a new Jak and Daxter before starting development on The Last of Us. I reckon they made the right call. This is the cast of Community going all Street Fighter, and this may be the best sports game of 2012 so far!

In Short The Cast Of Community Goes All Street Fighter The Sights Of Taiwan's Big Gaming Blowout Before The Last Of Us, Naughty Dog Looked At Making A New Jak And Daxter A Booksellers Video Game Lament One Of 2012's Best Sports Games Might Be This Cute Football Sim


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